Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wedding Wednesday and STASH!!!!

I bought the YARN for my wedding shawl!! I'm very excited. Last night Sheryl and I met at Uncommon Threads in Palm Harbor. I love this yarn store. We stayed for their knitting night and everyone was so friendly. So, I picked di.Ve' Zenith in a white. It's 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool. It's so pretty!!
I also picked up a skein of Malabrigo for a hat for Surfer Girl. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog so I'm safe in saying I'm surprising her with a new hat that will fit her. I already picked out the pattern but in case she reads this I won't tell you which one yet. I might cast this on tonight as well. I'm bad. :)The last thing I got was ROVING! I was watching Allison, who works there spin and I was fascinated!! I think I want to learn to spin now. This store is bad and good for me. After I was watching her I was fondling all their roving and I just had to have 2 oz. of this. It's Merino as well. I just want it to pet.

So, when I got home today I was greeted with a beautiful sight!! MY KNITPICKS ORDER!! Yeah!! This is perfect because I got my yarn last night and I have my Stitch n Bitch tonight. I can take it all with me and cast on at the Stitch n Bitch. HOW exciting!! Today has been a great day!!
So...that's all my fun stuff I got. I know it's not much about my wedding but the yarn is important and was a big decision. My sister finished the coasters and I believe sent them to me so as soon as I send those out and people start getting them I'll share what they look like. They are SO amazing!! She did a wonderful job. We are also finally meeting with my friend from our reception site this Sunday so I'll let you know next week what we decide.

I've been cooking since I got home so I'm exhausted and already need to head out to the SnB but I hope everyone is doing good.

HAPPY knitting!!!


  1. Glad you got your yarn! That is an important decision to make - I always feel more at peace when I find the perfect "marriage" between yarn and pattern.

  2. Oh I'm glad you found your yarn - I can't wait to see the finished product.

    I'm so fascinated by spinning and that roving is beautiful. Good luck!


  3. Aren't days dedicated to 'just yarn' fun!
    So what pattern have you chosen for the wedding shawl?

  4. Pretty pretty yarn and roving.

  5. Gook luck with the shawl - you are so organized having the yarn and casting on in March, that's months and months of knitting time :)

    Thanks for the mention on your blog and podcast, you've got quite the stack of entries from all the people who mentioned you.

  6. The yarn is beautiful. Can't wait to see progress of the shawl and the finished project.

  7. Dont you just LOVE knit picks needles :-) I swear by them :-) I love the yarn for your wedding shawl, what pattern are you using??

  8. YEAH - glad you got your wedding shawl yarn and that you love it!
    That malabrigo is gorgeous!

  9. so much fun to have a new haul of knit goodeis! I love the roving colors.

    Wedding shawl, I love that idea. lately it seems more important than the dress!

  10. Some great loot you got! I love getting mail - especially when it's yarn.

  11. How much fun to get so many new things in one day! The timing on that was perfect! Can't wait to see the wedding shawl yarn knit up and be sure to keep us posted on your new adventure in spinning.

    The pics of family life are great. Wish we could see our grass here.


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