Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DC Day 3 - Sunny as can be.

Another quick post. Day started at Mt. Vernon...the house of George Washington. I love this property.

Look at the little lamp. Oh so cute!!
and check out the fiber. heheh no, I mean sheep. I asked around about where all the fiber goes and was hoping that they would sell a little or even have yarn for sale but we knitters haven't reached them yet. :) They did say they keep it and during the winter, when the local kids come for colonial day, they have demonstrations on how to spin, weave, and knit. I thought that was awesome and satisfied my lack of ability to purchase any. ;)
We then headed to lunch at Pentagon mall. After all the walking at Mt. Vernon, I needed some food. The sock and I needed a little pick-me-up.
From there we swung by the Iwo Jima memorial. I love this statue and it has Panama on it. It's a memorial for all the marines that have fought in wars. They were in the Panama invasion in 1988-1990. I lived in Panama that whole time. I have stories about bombs going over our house into the city the night of the major invasion on Dec 19, 1989, the marines coming to inspect our house and make sure that we were American the next day, my father taking us downtown a couple days later and seeing whole city blocks leveled and looters everywhere. I can go on but that's all I'm going to say. So, you can imagine that it was nice to see Panama on there.

I got my sister, who was in Houston, TX during the invasion to pose with me. I guess she's lived in Panama so it works. That's Fleas by the way. :)
Can't forget the sock pictures. :) Oh and notice I'm at the heel!! YEAH!!

Florida Indian Wars
Then we headed to the Newseum, the brand new museum about the News that opened about 2 weeks ago. It's amazing. I could have spend HOURS and HOURS there. There are 15 movies and 16 galleries and we only had 2 hours and so we had to pick and choose. They have the largest hydraulic glass elevator in world. The view from the top of the capital is beautiful! Check it out!!

They have actual sections of the Berlin Wall which is awesome and the one of the watch/death towers. It's amazing!! Have I said how much I liked this museum. I found this picture of the Peruvian Yarn. I wish I could share the story line but I don't know if I can read it. It's a pretty pretty picture though. My sock and bag looks great next to it.The Newseum also had a great section on 911 and the videos made me cry. You must visit it if you ever go to DC.

I thought this wax figure of J. Edgar Hoover was pretty neat to. The section on him isn't open yet but the sculpture was very real. He looks great with my sock. :)From there we headed to get some pictures of the White House. It's such a pretty house.

Well, I ended up writing more than I thought. :) Hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow we'll be heading home. I'll probably post Friday or at the airport tomorrow if I get a chance. I'm going to be test knitting some socks for my friend so I'll be putting these socks down until I finish those. I think my April socks are going to be finished during May. Especially since I have 2 pairs of socks for April. :) I'll tell you about my test knitting when I'm done and I can.

Off to help get the kids to sleep and to get ready for bed myself. Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Happy Knitting!!


  1. Happy sock knitting to all and to all a good night

  2. Love all the pictures- socks look great!

  3. Looks like you are having a lot of fun!! I am heading off to Arizona!! Have a good trip...I told everyone on the forum to behave themselves :-)

  4. I so enjoyed you pictures and comentary. My daughter and son are at the Catholic University in D.C. and we love the city. I have been to all those great places you visited and have enjoyed them all. My favorite in the Korean War Memorial. We don't stay too long at the Vietnam Memorial as my hubby who was in Vietnam gets too upset. I love that sock got to go everywhere too. Good for him!

  5. Love the sock progress. the pics are wonderful.... FLEAS Supastar. Nice to put a face with the "name". Whens the yarn crawl happening?

  6. You certainly had a full day! Mount Vernon is one of the few places that I like to go that are close to D.C. If you come back again and are not part of an organized tour, you might also enjoy the historic area of Alexandria, VA not far from Mount Vernon. Lots of lovely old townhomes within blocks of the Potomac River and lots of cute and trendy shops and restaurants.


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