Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!!

I have been a horrible Blogger lately. A lot has been going on and I will probably be really busy in the next couple weeks. Please forgive me and I hope you don't forget me. :)

First big news is that I got a new job. My last day teaching is May 28th and my new job starts on June 2nd. Even though, I've already started training for my new job. I'm so excited about this new job and I can't wait to start. I didn't even think this job existed, especially in St. Pete, FL but it does and I got the job!! For now, I'll just tell you that I'll be working at a web company creating online communities for schools, alumni groups, and companies. I will be launching my own site in the next couple weeks and if you want you can join in. I'll tell you more about it when I do. :)

So, that's been a big part of what's been keeping me busy lately. The next thing is that I'll be in DC next week so I've been preparing for that and we've been having meetings and a lot of planning. My planning has been my travel but I have been planning for it. I decided not to take the two things I was going to take but am planning on casting on for a new sock after I get through security. I got yarn in my DOT package that will be perfect to make a pair of 9-5 socks. Since I'm going to be actually working a 9-5ish job and ending my 8:15-3:15 job I figured it's time to knit them. I also want a pair of socks to be my DC socks.

Speaking of my DOT was the GREATEST. GMarie spoiled me!! She was great. She posted on her blog about the package but I took pictures here they are.

Where do I start with this package?? She sent me all of this. Abigail LOVES the teddy bear. She sleeps on it and is so darn cute. I have those on a different camera so will have to post them later. Jackjack is fond of this little squeaky toy. For some reason that has been his. He likes to play with us on the handmade pull toy though. :)She also made these towels for them. They are so adorable. One for each of them with their names on it.
She sent some Pet shampoo, a bucket, and some dryer sheets, which in my house have multiple uses.
My treats were this wonderful chocolate which Special K has been enjoying. :) The treats on the side, Abigail can't have but that's ok...Jackjack will enjoy every single one. :)
The sock yarn...oh yes...the sock yarn. Pretty Shuibuiknits in the color Breeze. These will hopefully by the end of next week be the 9-5 socks. She also sent two mugs that Special K has already decided which one is his and which one is mine. He's silly. :) The bad that she sent is also awesome. It's very pretty.

So, that is my Dogs on Thursday Swap Package. I love it all. I've been trying desperately to finish up mine this week. I finished the sewing this weekend but just still need to pick of some stuff.

I hope everyone is doing well. There has been so much going on lately that I've missed a lot of regularly scheduled posts. I had a Thankful Tuesday all planned to thank God for helping me fine and get my new job. Wedding Wednesday was going to be about our wedding plans, which aren't much right now with all the job finding and trip planning. So...I guess DOT post was it this week. I put up a podcast this weekend and am hoping to get another one up before I go but we'll see. Laundry, house cleaning, dog bathing, packing, package sending, and knitting...have kept and will keep me busy.

Happy Knitting and Dogs on Thursday!!

PS...I borrowed a ball winder from my friend Sheryl last night and had to make due with what I had.


  1. What a great package! Congrats on the new job.

  2. GREAT package! Doesn't she do THE best swap packages???? I was lucky enough t have her spoil me in the doggy xmas swap.

    Hey, don't forget to come over and enter my contest... as a doggy mom, you must... there are so many great doggy themed prizes!

  3. Looks like everyone got great swap packages.

  4. Congratulations on the new job! It sounds exciting and different.

  5. Can't wait to hear more about the new job! Congrats to you.

  6. Congrats and good luck on the new job. So exxcited for you. Great Package!

  7. You have been busy :-) I really like everything you got in your package!!

  8. What a great swap package and the new job sounds wonderful.

  9. Congratulations on your new job!

    What an amazing package! She spoiled everybody in your house.

  10. What a perfect job for you!!!

    And, GMarie rocked out on your package - WOW!


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