Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Showing of a sewing FO!!

Two posts in one day!! WOW!! I'm back!! Well..I just wanted to show you what I worked on all afternoon. My friend Sheryl, the knitidiot as she calls herself, had a birthday last week and I, the ever on time gift giver, had not finished her gift..well..or started it. She had been saying she wanted a cute knitting bag like the ones I have. Most of mine I've got in swaps and contests. I love them all. So, I wanted to make her a box bag. I'm kind of glad I didn't make it last week because I came across the perfect fabric for her when I was at Jo-Ann's on Monday. She's a cat lover and so I made her this:I think it looks great. I still need to remember to make notes on the tutorial to change the dimensions because again I feel it could be a little bit know what I just was thinking and I think I just wasn't paying attention and didn't sew the right sides to start with. That would make it shorter and thicker which is what it needs to be. I'm sure she will like it...I have plenty more fabric and can always make her another one to match. Arg...I'm mad at myself for not paying attention but it does look great. :) to get ready for knitting. my yard sale ironing board. Thank you goes out to Sharimom who bought it for us when she was visiting. She was shocked we didn't have one and really didn't iron. The only ironing I do is for sewing. :)

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Cute bag!

    I'm sorry we haven't chatted lately - how are you doing? I have your last couple podcasts to catch up on, too. We're going out of town for a couple days, so I hope to have lots of time to myself to listen to my iPod, knit, and read. Heavenly....

  2. EVERYbody needs an ironing board. if only to put stuff on.

    Glad we got to talk a bit the other night. Hope everything is well with you and my boy and my grandpuppies.

    have a great rest of the week.


  3. Very cute sewing bag! I try to also only using my ironing board for sewing also!

  4. Love the bag. So glad that you had a good week off work. I couldn't live without my ironing board

  5. I love those box bags and the colour of your's is fantastic. I agree with sharimom on ironing boards, they are a great "extra" surface.

  6. I think the bag looks great. Do people actually Iron then? Interesting!

  7. Love the bag! You're so crafty...

  8. I'm with ya on the ironing board for only
    I love the bag...
    Tutorial....where? :)


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