Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me and Wedding Wednesday! it's my 28th birthday today. I've gotten a lot of birthday wishes through email, txt, facebook and ravelry. Thank you everyone!!

I also got this great email from with a code for 20% off all their yarn in stock!! Now what more could I have asked for. So, I took some of the money that I had received for my birthday and bought some yarn!! I bought two skeins of Dream in Color of my FAVORITE sock yarns!! I'm not actually using it for socks though but I can't tell you what I am knitting because it's a surprise for someone who reads my blog. I wanted to get more but I figured my budget could only budge a little. I'm excited to get this yarn because I can't wait to start this project. birthday has been nice so far. I got a card from my niece Surfer girl and she was so cute!! She said "It is your first birthday as a knitter." I thought that was great!! She's a knitter too so she knows!! :) Her and my sister also gave me a shirt which I had designed but because of a mistake in ordering I ended up having to give mine away. They had an extra so they gave it to me. I'm happy because I really liked the design. It was for our Paws on Parade team.

Tonight, Special K and I are going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. I'm super excited!! Sangria and Special K and again what more can I ask for!!

For our wedding Wednesday post I'll just that some interesting things have come up but I can't share them yet. I'm going to figure it out and then I'll share. All the details need to be figured out before we start the invitations...which needs to be soon.

Hope all is good!! HAPPY KNITTING!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like it's off to a good start.

  2. Happy belated. I wished you happies before and after, but not yesterday... :(

  3. Oh gosh Gnat I am so sorry I missed your birthday, Happy 28th, you are one year older then my youngest child!!!! Hope it was truly wonderful and the year ahead is even better!!! Hugs, Grace

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! 28 is a good age... I just turned it in April!


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