Monday, May 12, 2008

Quick Post from the Keys!

Hey, I hope everyone is doing well. We made it safely to Big Pine Key yesterday. Sea Camp has been a blast so far. Only trouble was last night was very hot and I had trouble sleeping. Today was full of fun in the sun. Tomorrow is going to be even better with two boat trips to the coral reefs!! Just hope the wind dies down so we can head out on the flat top boats. The kids are doing good and I'm enjoying the free time to knit. I've got a TON of knitting done. I brought three projects with me to work I don't get bored with one. :) I brought the Malabrigo hat that I'm knitting for Surfer Girl, the 9-5 socks that I'm redoing, and my Bellatrix socks for May's Sockdown and my person may socks. So...I've got tons to work on and my ipod is full of great podcasts. I listened to them and rotated my knitting the whole 8 hrs it took to get down here. :) I plan to do the same on the way back. I've only been knitting my socks while I've been here because I don't mind if a couple sand particles sneak into my sock. I can wash that easier than I can wash the malabrigo hat.

I think my Bellatrix socks are coming along nicely. I didn't use the 0s for the leg. The ribbing was pretty tight so I figured the gauge would be fine with the 1s. They fit snug but they are good!! I think they are pretty!!

Well...I hope everyone is good. I'm glad this is my last trip for a while because I do miss my time with Special K and my puppies. I haven't had a lot of time with them in the last couple weeks. I'm excited to get my life in order and start a new job soon.

Well, our night wade is about to start so gotta go! Happy Knitting!!


  1. zoh--you are so lucky. High here today was 50 degrees. love the socks

  2. I love the yarn you're using for Bellatrix, not something she might where but so fun! Hope you have a great time one the last kiddie trip.

  3. Got the Mother's Day card......

    I cried so hard. I miss my boy (and you too).

    Hope your outing is fun.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. The socks look awesome. Love the yarn.

  5. I love your socks and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Keys. I hope to get over my flying fears and get back there someday.

  6. ooo, pretty yarn! Looks like the weather was beautiful. I really like the photo of you with the water in the background.


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