Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thankful Tuesday and Wedding Wednesday!!

So, Our last day at Sea Camp was so much fun. We went on 2 boat trips and enjoyed the wonderful weather. I brought my sock with me and got some knitting done while the instructor lectured before we went snorkeling. Check me out!! :)We saw some amazing stuff during our boat trips, such as a shark or two, some rainbow Parrot Fish, which me and my snorkel buddy chased around for a while...and we caught a Moray Eel. While we were snorkeling on the soft coral a student in my group picked up a conch shell and thought it was empty but little did we know that this awesome Brown Spotted Moray Eel was inside. Our instructor Adam managed to get him to come out of the shell but he was not too happy about that and he slimmed out of the bucket and was on the boat and we all SCREAMED and jumped on the benches of the flattop boat. It was funny afterwards, when he managed to get the Eel back into the water. :) Adam was calm the whole time and we got some great video of it. I learned that when eels bite they never let go and you have to kill it to get it off. I'm really glad no one got bit because it was a pretty eel.

The kids and chaperons had a great time and we ended the trip with a bonfire last night, with songs, marshmallows, and some stories. We cleaned up and heading out on time this morning. We should be getting back to St. Pete around 5ish. This driver speeds!! I do think it's pretty awesome that I'm blogging from the bus. We watch 3 spiderman's on the way down and so far we've seen Transformers and are currently watching Monster's Inc.

Thankful Tuesday, I just want to thank God for the beautiful world we live in and all the creatures he has created for us. We need to spend more time conserving out environment for our ancestors. Did you know that humans kill 200,000,000(yes that's MILLIONS) sharks a year and there are a reported average of 75 shark attacks a year and an average of 10 a year that die from shark wounds. And just for your knowledge a shark attack is defined as any time a shark touches a human. Is that amazing or what?? It's amazing when you think of how we effect the world. A saying that I liked during the trip was "Don't leave anything but a footprint." That is a great way to say don't litter and such. I thank God every day for the breath we breathe and the sites we see. Nature is so amazing and beautiful and we owe it all to God. I just hope that we learn to conserve and that our children's children still get to see what he made.

For Wedding Wednesday, I don't have much. I have not been up to much planning with everything that is going on. I guess I'll have to make it up to you guys next week. :)

Well, I'm going to get back to my knitting and rest a bit. I hope everyone is well..

Happy Knitting and Traveling!!


  1. True commitment to knitting, doing it on a boat. You look ace out there.
    I agree with you about being gratful to God for all he has created.

  2. Wow that sounds like an awesome trip. I agree God has given us so many miracles to be thankful for each day. it's nice to see others acknowledging that.

    Leaving my "footprint" here.

  3. I agree true commitment there... me I would be afraid my socks fell over board.

  4. That is such a nice picture of you!


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