Monday, May 5, 2008

Reversai Socks finally DONE!!! and a case of startitis.

I finished the Reversai Socks for Sock Madness Round 2. YEAH!! These socks are great but they take forever because of all the purling. They are reversible and very comfortable. For my first time doing 2-at-a time socks these were probably not the socks to do it with. I do plan on trying 2-at-a time again but I like the quick results from doing them one a time.

What do you think?? Do you like them?? Special K's feet are so pretty too. hehehe
So...after I finished I wanted to go right to the Bellatrix socks but I need to figure out what size needles to use which I think I've decided to use size 1s for the cuff and 0s for the pattern. We'll see how it goes. I really don't want to swatch. Well..instead of going straight for casting on those socks, I decided to work on my 9-5 socks. OK, I tried them on again and they are really too tight. The pattern calls for 72 sts on size 1s and I was using my 1s for the Reversai socks so I decided to try the pattern on 60 sts on size 2s. I saw that another person had tried this and it worked for her so I just jumped in and did all that knitting in DC and love the pattern but I knew all along it was kind of tight. Well...I was just going to keep working but when I got back and tried it on yesterday I was really unhappy with how tight it is.

My final decision, which I came to with some regret was to frog it and start over. Special K loves to frog my work so he helped me frog the sock and I rolled it all into a ball. Now my question is...Do I wash and dry the sock yarn that I used or do I just knit it up?? I pulled out the other ball of yarn and cast on with that but when I finish I'm going to need to other ball. So, I need some suggestions. What do you do??

So, once I cast on for that, I still want to cast on for the Bellatrix socks. AGAIN I don't want to swatch. I know horrible...but I'm going to just cast on and see what happens.

Another thing is that I don't think I want to finish the Dog Bone Blanket. I'm really unhappy with the pattern and I just think I like the Log Cabin Blanket pattern better. So, I'm thinking of frogging that as well and casting on for the Log Cabin tonight.

I seem to be in a very bad case of startitis. I just want to cast on everything!! I think it will be ok. I might do the Bellatrix socks 2-at-a time so that will be something different.

I'm hoping to get a chance to you can tell I seem to be pretty wordy lately! hehehe

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!! Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Finally I've been allowed back in (sometimes I hate the internet). Those socks are fantastic! I've been thinking about the Bellatrix Socks ever since I went looking for a pattern to send you for the Harry Potter swap but the lack of needle size is sort of intimidating. I'll just stalk you blog and copy you :)

    The last time I had to frog and the yarn was kinky I reskeined it and then soaked it. Dried it out as much as possible and then hung it to dry. This seemed to get out all of the bumps.

  2. For reasons I still don't understand, this is the first blog update of yours Reader has picked up in quite some time...

    Pretty socks. I'm hooked on two at a time now.

    I'd suggest giving the frogged yarn a bath too before you re-knit!

  3. Your socks cam out cute! Nice job!
    I hardly ever swatch either, although I did swatch for my sweater. small why bother swatching??

    Sorry to hear about the frogging, but if you don't like it, you won't knit it, so why bother. Knit what makes you happy.


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