Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

Look at me...I'm back to posting my weekly posts!! Yeah for me!! Ok...enough about that.

Today I'm thankful for my co-workers. I know that I am leaving this job and I don't always have that many nice things to say about it but I love my co-workers. In the middle school, it's all woman and we all get along really well considering all the hormones and mood swings we have. We have become a tight group and I will miss them all. I have spent at least three years working with most of them and some are new but they are nice and have become my friends. They are supportive and I will miss them for that. We all eat lunch together pretty much every day and only really get about 20 minutes to talk while we eat our food and watch the cafeteria. This year a treat that we started was each teacher makes lunch for everyone once a week. It's usually Thursday but with the crazy trips and schedules we've been on it's been just once a week. It's nice to see what others cook and get ideas for our own meals. I have grown close to my co-workers and will miss seeing them every day. They have been my ray of light this year, during a very tough year at work. I've decided this week that I have less than a month left and I have to be as positive as I can and end here on a good note. It hasn't always been bad and I think the hardest part this year was my mental sanity but I've learned so much here that I'm glad that I had this opportunity.

I know that I'm a good teacher at heart and I'm glad that I taught for 3 years but I am ready to work in an environment where kids are not the center of my day. I'm ready to not have to discipline middle schoolers and listen to the he said she saids of the drama of middle school life. I'm ready to have an actual lunch time where I can eat without feeling rushed. Oh...goodness I digress. :) I am thankful for my co-workers who I will miss.

Knitting news:

I frogged the Dog Bone Blanket and cast on last night for the Log Cabin Blanket which is going really quick. I love mindless knitting sometimes. :)

I also cast on for my May Sockdown socks, the Bellatrix socks by Gigi Silva. I'm using the Shibuiknits Sock yarn in Spectrum and doing them two at a time. :)

I recorded an episode of my podcast last night but my computer wouldn't let me edit and upload so I spent time cleaning up my computer. I'll upload tonight.

If you haven't been getting any updates on your blog readers, I'm really sorry. I think I fixed the problem and I hope that it says fixed.

Well...Happy Thankful Tuesday!!


  1. Two at once? Ok that freaks me out. I'm still a one at a time kindof girl...

    Good luck with your new job!

  2. just wanted to wish you well on your new endeavor!!!


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