Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wedding Wednesday!!

I'm on a roll!! Wedding Wednesday!!

For this weeks WW post, I wanted to share my save the dates. Now that I'm pretty sure that everyone has gotten one. I think a couple local friends and a cousin or two that I don't have their addresses are the only ones left to give these to.

My sister Cristina is the designer and producer of my awesome save the dates. :) She is amazing!! She is the one who thought that making coasters would be a great idea. Her and her husband did an awesome job. I've waited to put a link to her blog because I wanted the save the dates to be a surprise for some of my family members who read my blog. What do you think??

(if you click on the picture it will take you to her blog which she shows more pictures of my coasters and a video of them being made. If you stop by her blog, don't forget to tell her how awesome her work is!! PS..I stole the picture from her blog...she is my sister so it should be ok.)

I love love love them. I think they are so pretty. We haven't done a lot of wedding planning lately but we've been talking about budgets and money for the wedding so that is a good thing. :) I'm hoping to meet with the lady from the sports bar soon. I have to go out of town again next week...I've been working on getting out of it but was told today that I couldn't. I know I'll have a good time and I'll have plenty of knitting time.

Well, I posted a new podcast last night and I think it was good. I chitchat a lot lately. :) And I think we finally got our air conditioning back. Last night was better but it was still hot and I get grumpy in the heat. I got a lot of knitting done last night. I worked on my Log Cabin Blanket and my bellatrix socks. I'll show you more progress later this week.

Hope you are all doing well.

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Such an awesome and original idea! I may have to copy you if I ever get married. :)

  2. I put magnets on the back of mine and now it's on my filing cabinet in my office.

    I get such great reactions to it and I would NEVER use it for a coaster. It's too cute.

    When are you going to put SpecialK on one of your podcasts?

    Have a great day and you are such a sweetheart!

  3. Oh how neat!! I think I would do the magnet thing too, wouldn't want to ruin it with wet

  4. Those are the cutest!

    I want to start doing podcasts because I hate typing. How do I do those?

  5. I love the save the date, very cute and original. Going to download the podcast now :)

  6. The baseball is really cool...sharimom is very smart to put magnets on it!

  7. So very special. What a talented family you must have!

  8. Your save the date coasters are awsome. What a lovely sister and brother-in-law. Love the theme.

  9. I really like them :-) Very cute

  10. What a great Save the Date card. You are a clever girl. Did you knit those baseball socks that were available for Stitch and Pitch last year?

  11. This is adorable! Your sister is very creative I like this idea better than the usual photo of the happy couple. It's different!
    Love it actually!

  12. Really cool idea !


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