Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dogs on Thursday Guest Bloggers!

Hey, guys, it's Jackjack and Abigail here.

We wanted to share pics of us and our kongs. Mommy likes to give us Kongs with peanut butter and treats in it but this morning she suprised us. We got Kongs full of our dog food but it was frozen in there. I think she was trying to distract us from the fact she's been working longer days and we have to be by ourselves longer. These were really good but it's the first time we've had them so we really weren't sure what to do.
We enjoyed the Kong throughly and might not try to get into any trouble today. Have a good day at work Mommy.

Hope you fellow DOTers are having a good day. And I hear there's a fun new swap so go check it out at the DOT blog.

Jackjack and Abigail Grace.


  1. Good idea-I never thought about freezing the food in there!

  2. I guess I must get some of these neat idea freezing the food, good to cool off with!
    Happy DoT to you!

  3. You need to correct your link.

    You have Thursday spelled incorrectly so the link won't work.

    Other than that .... adorable doggies.

  4. Cute pics... I just realized my bloglines hadn't been picking up your blog for awhile ... I was wondering where you were!

  5. What a great idea!
    And freezing it? That's smart!!!
    I never thought about that before.
    I have to try that tomorrow!

  6. What did you freeze? I have wanted to do the ground beef in Diamond's but I am scared of the mess.
    My furbabies are jealous!

  7. What sweet babies you have there. My old guys just sleep most of the day, barely wake up when we get home. Can't count on them for guard dog duty.

  8. I've not thought about freezing the treats in the kong. What a great idea to keep them occupied.

  9. I love Dog Thursdays.

    They are soo cute.

  10. They are soooo cute!! :-) My dogs would destroy a Kong :-) They are savages!

  11. My dog is too lazy to work for her treats! She keeps me on a tight leash. Every morning and every night at 8:30.


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