Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update and Thankful Tuesday!

First off my thankful Tuesday is going to start by Thanking my friends Sheryl and Chris for walking with me last night. Chris walked 3 laps and Sheryl did 5. It was great and I feel even better now. We are trying to walk at least 3 times a week and so far have managed about 1 but that is more than nothing. :) Abby walked the 5 laps around the 9/10 mile per lap. She pulled the first 3 miles and then a little bit the 4th lap and then the last lap she walked so nicely between me and Sheryl. It was amazing!! I guess we just need to walk together more! :) It's always different when Jackjack's there though..which he wasn't last night.

Well..just so you know I'm doing ok. I've been working and loving it and I'm trying to stay off the computer a lot when I get home and focus more on Special K, the dogs, and working out. I don't think Special K believe me but oh well...I've spent a lot less time on the internet than I was. He did mention to someone the other day that I am happy when I come home from work and that is a huge thing!! It's good!

Well...I have a couple catch up post of some meme's to catch up with...so there may be more than one today! :)

Oh yeah...I almost forgot to mention....THE CUBBIES ARE IN TOWN!! We are going to the games tonight and tomorrow! I've got my cubs shirt on and I'm ready to cheer!! :)

Happy Thankful Tuesday!!

PS...I'm fixing some stuff on my webpage so most the picture here aren't displaying right. I'll work on it soon.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a good time... having a job that makes you happy must make a huge difference. Have fun at the game :)


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