Monday, July 21, 2008

The rippin truth!

A mistake was made in my Lady February Sweater. It was made way back when I was making the raglan increases on the yoke. I didn't notice or realize until I was starting the lace pattern. ugh. So I decided that I was going to rip back. I consulted the greatness that is and found a video which helped me so much. It's the video on how to insert your needle before ripping back! Oh my gosh is it awesome!!

So here's the picture of me inserting my needle where I thought I had to rip back to. :) Note the thought!!

This is what was left after this part. ;)

So, I nicely wound that into a ball and counted stitches. UGH...I was off by 9 stitches. I thought I could just fudge the numbers but you know it's my first sweater so I didn't think I wanted to do that so I decided to insert my needle further down the knitting and rip back more. So I did that and then I counted again. This time I figured out I was only 2 stitches short and I counted between increases and found where my stitches were missing. I was then able to add those stitches on the next row and continue my raglan increases. As of last night I was here.

You can tell that Jackjack was there for support. So was Special K. He was playing a new fishing video game. :) I'm glad I can now proceed to knit away and hopefully I'll make some real progress now. I've vowed to count every couple rows though! ;)

Happy Monday and Happy Knitting!!


  1. You're probably frustrated, I know I would be, but keep plugging. As soon as you get to the lace it will be clear sailing. Love the picture with jackjack, he's so cute laying at your feet.

  2. OHH bummer I feel your pain! You'll be glad though that you ripped it back though when youare done! (I love Jackjack sleeping there!)

  3. Glad you were able to fix things

  4. I'd add a life line every few rows just to make it easier in case you lose count again. I love my lifelines. LOL

  5. Ugh. At least you had moral support!

  6. I hate when that happens, but at least you had the watchful support there!

  7. Poor baby! At least you found a good way to make frogging more bearable. I think you'll feel better in the end having frogged it. And it's a lesson learned right?
    I like the color of your yarn too. Looking good :)

  8. Frustrating, I hear ya. Better to frog now then frog later. ;)


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