Monday, August 11, 2008

I have fallen and I can't get up!

I have fallen in love...(Yes, I'm still in love with Special K and this does not change my love for him)...but I have fallen in love with a spinning wheel and she is called a Suzie. This past week I posted on the Ravelry Florida Spinning board about where I could go to try out a spinning wheel. As of last week I had spun on two wheels, both where Ashfords. One was a single treadle Traditional and the other a double treadle Traveler. I really wanted to try several different kinds.

So, Allison, who works at Uncommon Threads in Palm Harbor, sent me a message and told me that she is teaching a class on saturday and there will be wheels there and that I could try hers. So, I spoke to my friend Sheryl and asked her if she wanted to go for the ride. She said OF COURSE!! I called my high school friend who has shown interest in learning to knit and lives up by the store and told her we'd meet her there. She didn't show but oh well. I'll keep trying.

Off we went on Saturday and when we showed up everyone was very nice. It was the first time I met Rosemary, the owner of the shop and she was very sweet and helpful. I waited until noon when they broke for lunch and Allison said I could spin on her Lendrum. For a visual click here. I sat down and had to relearn how to draft since I haven't been using my spindle as much I should be. But I spent 30 minutes getting to know the wheel, which is a double treadle. I liked it. It seems to be easy to use and a good height for my shortness.

After I had been sitting for a bit, Rosemary came over and said I could try out her wheel. She has a Majacraft Suzie, which is also a double treadle. I sat down and started to spin and OH MY was it nice. It seemed to be so much easier to spin on than any wheel I had sat down on. I spent 15 minutes on the wheel and I could have spent hours more. I realized then that I had found my wheel. After I finished trying her wheel and the class resumed I spoke to Rosemary a bit about the wheel and she is a dealer which is great. The wheel was really sweet and again perfect for my size. I left smiling and knowing that some how I was going to have to find a way to get me a Majacraft Suzie. There are three different Suzie's and I would take any of the three. :)

I now am in search for ways to make some extra money to go towards my spinning wheel fund. I have decided that any money I make on crafts will go straight to that fund. I know that right now it's going to be hard to save for a wheel while saving for a wedding. So, I have to categorize where this money is coming from. :) So, I guess I'll be busy for a while! :) You'll just have to check back and see how I decide to make this money!

Hope everyone is well!! I have been knitting on my sweater and am almost done with the second sleeve! I should be done tonight and have pictures for you tomorrow!! Ravelympics is going strong!!!

Happy Knitting, Spinning, and dog walking!!


  1. I know what you mean about falling in love with a wheel. Mine is a Traveller named Ezekiel.

  2. Good luck saving for your wheel!! I keep thinking I need one ...but I'd be saving forever!

  3. The Lendrum was on my to-try list, but that's not an issue any longer. I know you'll love your Suzie when you get her!

  4. I think there is enough love around for both Special K and Suzie, LOL

  5. Oh just throw that wheel into the bridal gift registry. Who knows you could get lucky.

  6. So the spinning but bit you too!
    I'm glad you found one you like.
    T4ry saving your spare change, all of it. Put that towards your wheel fund. You would be surprised at how fast it accumulates :)


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