Monday, August 11, 2008

Foot update!

Ok...yes this is late but I figured I'd start with an update on my foot. When I went to the doctor's office on Friday, he had to numb the bottom of my foot and use a scapel to cut off the top layer of skin to expose whatever was embedded in my foot. So, he did this and then was able to get this little white ball which had a circumferance of 2mm out of my foot. The most painful part was the actual numbing shot. The rest was fine. When I finally was done and was getting up to leave world spun and I almost passed out. So, he forced me to laydown and wait until the feeelings passed. It took about 15 minutes. He said this happened because I was laying down and the blood rushed to my foot while he was working on it.

So, my foot is healing and dispite my little stubborness trying to play tennis on saturday, it's been going good. I will spare you pictures because come on it's pretty gross. :)

Well...hope all is well!!

Happy Healing!!


  1. Ouch! Glad they found what was stuck in there. Aren't those shots awful? *shudder*

  2. Heal well and quickly. You and your feet have had a rough summer!

  3. A white ball in your foot!? Thats crazy! How did that get in there? Glad to hear your getting better. :)

  4. I had this SAME exact thing happen to me when I was getting stitches taken out of my feet after surgery. I was merely sitting up while he was working on the feet and almost passed out before he finished. They had to tilt me back in the chair and put wet napkins on my face --- so embarrassing, but at least now I know why (blood rushing to the feet). Feet problems are such a pain (literally and figuratively!) -- I hope you are feeling back to normal soon!!!

  5. I am curious too what was the white ball... and geez maybe it should have been a yarn ball, lol

    You tried to play tennis???


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