Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Crafting!!

So, after I spent hours and hours with Sheryl working on cutting, ironing, and sewing bags for the etsy store. I had dinner with Special K. French Toast for of our favorites. Then we settled in for more building. We had stopped at Home Depot today while buying stuff for our sewing projects and bought stuff for Special K to make me a yarn swift. Isn't she pretty?

No working pictures but it was fun to see SK work on this. He did a great job!! If you want one like this, we might be putting them up on the etsy store as a made to order purchase. If you're interested let me know and I'll poke SK. :)

While he was figuring out the instructions and building my swift. I painted myself and built myself a new yarn spindle!! Yes, I decided that I was just going to make one. I didn't want to spend a lot of my spinning wheel budget on it but I really want to spin something. This new spindle isn't perfect but it's WAY better than the other one!! I can spin tons of yarn!!

Also look at all the yarn I was already able to spin decently well this morning!! I love it!! It's not perfectly balanced but it spins longer because it's a bit heavier and it's easy to park it as well. :)

I also got Special K to cut some PVC for my niddy noddy but I got the wrong size t-joints so I have to go exchange those today and then I'll show you a pictures of that too. :)

We did tons this Saturday and I feel very productive. I'm going to go to knitting group today and actually get some knitting done on the clapotis and maybe spin some more on my spindle. :) Special K is going golfing with his dad and then I'm meeting them over there for dinner.

Have a great day!! Happy crafting and knitting and spinning and dog walking and enjoying your sunday!!


  1. LOVE the spindle, your painting is really cute! Thinking of adding some of those to the shop as well??

  2. Well you have been Miss busy bee :-)

  3. Such talent all in one household, just amazing

  4. You have been busy just crafting away. I might be interested after the beach trip in a swift.

  5. Look at you go! I'm going to have to crack the whip the next rainy day here and send the boys to build me PVC niddynoddies...

  6. Well check you three out! You have all been very busy I see. I think the SK swifts are a great idea. You probably could sell them to order.


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