Monday, August 18, 2008

Spinning!! and a hurricane is a comin.

First thing today is spinning!! Using my new spindle that I built and painted, I was able to spin 38 yards of yarn!! I am so pleased with myself. Also check out the the niddy noddy that Special K cut the pvc for and I put together. We spent time measuring and doing math to figure out how many yards it was. What do you think of my yarn and niddy noddy? I'm still just exited that getting a better spindle has made the expeirience for me so much more pleasant. I am still itching to get a spinning wheel but this will hold me over so I have time to learn to draft and save for it. :)

So, tonight Sheryl is coming over to sew some more bags for our etsy store. We are going to have dinner and sew sew sew. I'm excited. We've gotten a good response to the store so far. Hope to keep it coming!! ;)

We are planning on adding some dyed fiber soon and once I finish doing my research on how to create a balanced spindle. I'll be adding some of those as well. Also keep in mind if you want a yarn swift, Special K still says he's willing to make one to sell.

Ok..well, I need to finish up work and get ready to head home. We still don't know if we are going to be working tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Spinning!!!


  1. I am still baffled on how spinning works, one day maybe this old dog will learn this new trick.

    I still love the bags... I might use one as a contest prize on my next contest month (October)

  2. Nice progress so far, and the color is great. Be careful with the hurricane a coming.

  3. wow, allthe projects are looking great! you have been so busy in a good way!!

  4. I love your new products :-) :-) When is the Hurricane supposed to hit??

  5. The yarn looks lovely! :-) Spinning is so addictive. Here's hoping the hurricane doesn't affect your area too bad!


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