Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our first Dyeing experiment!!

So, Sheryl (knitidiot) came over today and we had our first dyeing experiment. We managed to do this all in my kitchen and not make a mess or dye anything but the yarn and fiber!! Yeah!!

So, this past week I've been spinning a bit with my new spindle and I spun up all of this certain color fiber I had. I wasn't a big fan of the color so I figured I'd just over dye it this weekend. The original color was this.


I decided I wanted to over-dye it a nice maroon so I used red, a tad of black and tad of blue. This was the results. I really like it. I did however learned that I need to tie it up a little loser for the dye to get in those spots.


We also kettle dyed some Domestic Wool that I had bought from a friend. I think this came out awesome!! We learned here that we need to make sure the colors get completely mixed before putting in the fiber.


So, this Saturday I woke up to my dogs having pretty much ransacked my poor office, which I usually close when we sleep. And they got into some of the fiber I had bought to dye so we decided we'd use it to play around. It isn't that pretty but the colors came out ok. :) Also a learning experience. :)


In our opinion, we think our first dye job was a success. We have learned and that is what matters. :) You'll have to see where we go from here.

Well, I'm tired now and off to knit and maybe take a nap. Hope you are all well on this weekend.

Happy Knitting, Dyeing, Spinning, and Dog walking!!



  1. I love the purple! Someday I'm going to have to learn how to spin but I can't even keep up with my knitting right now.

  2. I love the purple too. Oh and the burgandy. Great job on your first fiber dyeing experience!
    Whatever you eventually knit from this fiber will now have a bunch of great memories.

  3. You did a great job dyeing.. I have a kit that my in-laws gave me that I need to get to before summer is over... I think I might do it this weekend..hmmmmm.... you have inspired me :-)......

    P.S.Very naughty jackjack and abigail!! :-)

  4. Love the first two dye-jobs, and the other two aren't bad at all, especially for a first time!

    I must warn you that I have another friend who loves drop spindles and produces beautiful yarn with them. She's in no rush to get a wheel... ;)

  5. I love the purple and the red. Good job on your first try.

  6. Nice dye job there... I still want to give it a try too. Not sure I can keep from turning my hands purple though, LOL

  7. Oh My Goodness that is awesome!
    I love the purple!

    How are you guys doing from the hurricane?
    Have all the spin off storms stopped?
    You were in my thoughts and prayers during that terrible storm.

  8. Wow, came out great! Love the purple but then its a fav of
    Enjoy and have fun!!

  9. That's a great job on the dyeing! I've always wanted to learn knitting but somehow never gotten around to doing it.


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