Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick update!! DOT make up!

Hope everyone is well!! I've been kind of busy and am babysitting this weekend so have been getting ready for that. Hope you guys all went over to the Dogs on Thursday post yesterday! I didn't get a chance to post a DOT post here but I did do the one over there. :)

To make up for is some quick picture of the pups!

They are so cute. :)

Ok....I wanted to share this with you. A team member on my dishrag tag posted this story on her blog. I used to teach so I know they don't make much and when something like that happens to your dog it's great to get some help.

Also I've been playing on my community site at Come join the fun and check things out. I set up the store and added a listing for the yarn swift but just note that there will be some new designs up soon for the swift. Special K has big ideas. :)

Hope you all are great!! I'll try to post up more this weekend as it goes on.

Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. Great pics! How can you resist that face?!

  2. Yes they are! What sweeties.
    Your previous post was so fascinating. The purple yarn in the tree/bushes was so lovely. Great color coming through on the blog

  3. I love the close up of Jackjack!
    Abigail is sooo cute too with her toy.

    I am excited about the new site you are doing.

    How are you doing with all these hurricanes?
    Do you need anything?


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