Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ravelympics 2008!! Begins tomorrow!

Some of you who may have noticed that a bunch of projects have popped up with this logo as their picture on my side bar recently.


These are projects that I'm knitting for Ravelympics 2008!!


Oh yes, the fiber world some how got involved in this years Olympics and made it our own. :) You knew it was coming. I think it's great there is always something fiber related to go along with any event in the world or in life. I love how Knitters/Fiber folks step up and make themselves useful.

For a quick overview of Ravelympics, it's a team or individual competition per say. You pick projects that you plan to cast on during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and finish these items before or during the closing ceremonies. You have to add your projects before 8/8/08 and have all the yarn and needles ready to go. You can however use projects you are currently knitting in the WIPwrestling event. I am hoping to finish my current sweater for that event and have a couple more as you see added to my projects to keep me busy. My main goal is to cast on and finish the green clapotis that I'm making. It's a lot of knitting but I think I can do it in 17 days!! Wish me luck. I'll be posting occasional updates so keep checking back.

Since you know I love Photoshop, I also make some cute ravatars for my team. I joined Team Bob, which had some of my fiber friends. For those of you not on ravelry, Bob is Casey and Jess's dog who is the Ravelry mascot!! Isn't he cute!!!




There are some great teams though!! I can't name them all because there are so many but just know...there are some great ones!! Not sure how the points and such are going to go so the more I learn the more I'll update you.

I wish everyone a safe and fun time during this Ravelympic time. I hope to finish my projects and be able to stay sane. Just need to figure out how to maximize my knitting time and keep the house and dogs clean! ;) That's always a tough one!

Happy Competing!!

PS...I think I may have a piece of glass or metal chip from Special K's work in my foot. I'm going for a doc apt tomorrow to see what he can find. I tried having SK dig in and take it out but I just couldn't handle the pain. I'll update you on this tomorrow!!


  1. Oh my--you do have your problems with your feet. I wish you luck--hugs and prayers.

  2. I think my Snoop is going to look like Bob when he gets older!

  3. I joined Team G.R.I.T.S. in the WipWrangling event. :-) Can't wait to get started tomorrow! Hope you get some good news with the foot!

  4. Icthammol ointment is wonderful although smelly stuff. It can even draw out slivers of glass. Dab on and then put a bandage on so it doesn't get on anything else.

    A friend of mine had to use this for glass in her foot and swears by it.

  5. Oh no! I hope your foot is okay.
    Good luck with the Ravelympics


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