Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another great package! and some fiber stashing!!

I got another great package yesterday! This one is from Darcy from KnottyKnitter and it's so great. Her business partner and friend Leslie Wind, who makes the Cable needle necklace, which are awesome!! She made me a beautiful charm with 3 paws and my puppies names on it. It's hard to take a picture of but my dogs names are etched into the charm. It's so cute!! I love it...and having their names on it makes it so personal!! I pulled out one of my chains today and am wearing it now. :) It's adorable! Thank you very much Darcy and Leslie!!

I also got some fiber in the mail!! This I actually ordered for myself. This is BFL fiber from Yummy Yarns. She has some amazing colorways!! The left one is names Felicia like my sister...so of course I had to order and the right one is called Strange and Changing. I've actually already ordered two more from her called Chocolate Milk, which is beautiful!!! What do you think of these colorways?
Well....I have decided that no more fiber purchases until I get a wheel. I've been spinning with my spindle but I have plenty to get through until I get a wheel...or if I run out I can buy some...but only then!! I am however dyeing fiber to sell so I am able to purchase undyed fiber to dye and sell. That is the only purchases. I currently have the fiber up for sale on my barknknit.com site but I think I'm going to move it over to our etsy site and see if it sells on there. I have more to dye soon and already have some great ideas. I learned a ton dyeing this past weekend!!

I hope everyone is doing great. I'm hoping to podcast soon because I have SO much to talk about!! I just haven't had time to sit and record and edit. I have been knitting and spending time with SK. I am almost at the part where I separate for the sleaves on Fleas' February Lady Sweater and almost to the toe on the first ankle sock. I think I'm doing well!

Have a great day and Happy Knitting, Spinning, and Dog walking!!


  1. wow, you get lots of packages.

  2. What a special gift, and YES I love that fiber!!

  3. oh I so love Pink!!!!congrats on winning...awesome package...


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