Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!! Video of Abby!

Since Jackjack got the spotlight in yesterday's post. Abby gets a spotlight today. This is just another video of them the other day but more of Abbs and Roxy playing! :)

I can't remember if I mentioned on here on not but I was in a Pool for the Greatest American Dog Show and I WON!!! My team won....which were Travis and Presley. They are from Oklahoma...where my family is from and I am just really glad they won. Not just because they are my team!!

I also wanted to share an article about my co-worker's dog. Check it out here. What a cutie!!

Last Doggie related item is I was given an award by Nichole from LapdogCreations and wanted to pass it along to a couple more puppy owners out there. So, the following award goes to Courtney, Chris,and Devin. As Nichole did..I'll leave some for others to award this to. :)

Special K flew out to Chicago today with his co-workers for a conference and will be back tomorrow night. I'll miss him, however, I won't miss getting a pillow tossed at me the last few nights in my sleep. :)

I just want to take a moment to mention that today is 9/11 and to please think about those who were effected by this day.

Happy knitting, Spinning and Doggie day!!


  1. So glad its YOU that I have to send something to for the GAD pool! Yeah Presley! =}

  2. I can't get the videos at work, so I can't see the babies. Still, give them a hug for us and take care!

  3. Same for me on work computer, won't show
    congrats again on winning GAD!! I love those two, they were both
    Give them doggies big hugs and lots of pets!

  4. Hi Natalie...How fair is your video Abby girl!!!
    Congratulations on Greatest American Dog Show...with your team winning and the Dog Lover Blog Award...thanks for leaving some...
    I don't get alot of dog blogs but
    Serendipity Park with Happy and
    Sherry/Daisy are two pairs of newbies I know and want to pass it on to them(please don't pick these DOT friends).

    Glad to see you and Nichole remembering the 9-11 families & friends effected by this senseless tragedy!

    Hope you enjoy a great DOT & weekend when you're all reunited!

  5. I was rooting for Travis and Presley too.

  6. Cool! I love video clips. I am having problems with sound on this computer, so can't hear it, but I can see how playful she is.

  7. Love the doggie play!! congrats on the award too.

  8. Congrats on the win! I guess you meant with the Oklahoma connection.
    Abby looks great.

  9. Abby is so adorable!
    I am so glad you won the package.
    That show was really great!


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