Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thankful Tuesday!! and quick update!

Today I am thankful that Jackjack is feeling better. We went to the vet on Saturday and he took x-rays and the pins have not moved. The vet says that the surgery was amazing and that his arm looks great, however, he is developing arthritis in that arm now. That is the cause of the pain. He had to take a blood test so he could put Jackjack on some pain meds and then we'd retest in two weeks. So, Jackjack is feeling much better. Here is the proof!!

Before you press play be mindful that Jackjack has a loud voice! :) I uploaded a couple others videos to Youtube.com of Jackjack and Abigail's puppy cousin's visit. :) They had fun.

So, Jackjack is better and I'm very thankful that we are not having to do surgery. YEAH!!

Abigail is doing well also. He said her skin looks a whole lot better since we did the allergy test and that her itchy ears are due to the allergies. We have her on some medication for her ears. She will always have ear and skin issues but she's doing well.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. I've been knitting on my 9-5 socks and I'm at the heel finally!! I think I should be done by Sunday!

Work is going really well. I had my 90 day review and I think it was a positive one. I've been working out at 6am still and I'm actually off to bed soon so I can be up at 5:45 to make it to the spinning class.

Hope you are all well!


  1. so glad everyone is well. it's nice to see you again. now go enjoy spinning class - what a cutie you are. *lovies*

  2. Glad jackjack is feeling better..cute video :-)

  3. So glad everyone is doing well and on the road to healing!

    I just left you a Doggy award over on my blog - go claim it! :)

  4. Oh I am so happy Jackjack will be okay and you guys don't have to go through another surgery for him.
    Elise has lots of ear issues too like Abigail. I think we buy stock in Otibiotic and it's friend the Otidry cleaner stuff I can't remember it's name.
    I hope you guy are fairing the storms okay!
    P.S. I loved the video and Elise is still looking for where Jackjack is hiding! It was too funny her reaction when I turned up the speakers!

  5. Oh I'm so glad that Jackjack is feeling much better and the pins stayed in palce!! Give him lots of hugs!!!

  6. Glad to hear JackJack is better. Its funny and strange how they can get allergies too. Congrats on your review. Movin' on UP!

  7. Very happy to hear that the hardware didn't move. that would have been...ugh.
    Good job on getting up early girl!


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