Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got two packages yesterday!!! and sweater update!

So, yesterday when I got home I was on the phone with Sheryl and saw the box and just grabbed what I thought was all the mail. When Special K got home and we were talking about our day I told him about my package and he said "you mean the two packages." I was dumbfounded but then ran out to the mail box to find an envelope in the back of the mailbox. I squealed with joy!

Then pick up the envelope, which had Lapdogcreations all over it and was confused. (she already sent me her great package) I ran inside and ripped it open to fine two of the things in her etsy store that I had favorited. The breast cancer pink themed yarn cutter(SO CUTE!) and doggie stitch markers! I read the card and it was from AllyB!! How cool!! I was pretty excited!! It was like a bigger surprise because I didn't know it was there. Thank you so much AllyB and Nicole, both are wonderful! What great craftsmanship. Here's the pic I took last night.


It's all so cute!! If you have not seen Nicole's etsy shop, you much run over and check it out at lapdogcreations.etsy.com.

So...after all this excitement, I settled back into knitting....since I had moved on from the spinning from the previous post to knitting on the February Lady Sweater I'm making for my sister fleas. It's coming along nicely and I seem to be doing a better job paying attention to the increases on this one. I hope to prevent all the ripping back I had to do with the first one. :) What do you think??

Fleas' FLS

Well...I hope everyone is well and yes this is another multiple post day!! Oh and one last thing since it is Thankful Tuesday! I am thankful for Travis and Presley, whose win has allowed me to receive all these wonderful gifts from friends...especially since I've been having a rough week and they have been bringing smiles to my face!! I am also thankful for my friends and family who listen to me when I need them. Thank you!! So...thank you to them and to all the GAD pool participants who have been making my week brighter!!

Have a glorious day and keep on knitting, spinning, dog walking, and enjoying life!


  1. Im off to the etsy site THANKS!

  2. Love the goodies.
    I like that color for your Feb sweater. That is such a pretty design.

  3. So glad you liked what Ally picked out too! :)
    Feb Lady is coming along quite nicely!

  4. Such cute markers and loved the pictures of you making doggie treats:)Hugs Darcy


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