Friday, October 17, 2008

Dogs on Thursday on Friday!

So...I don't have any new pictures of my pups because I used them all on Monday but oh well. So, this morning I was searching the house for our Kongs. We have three of them. Two Red ones, which we use the most and one smaller one that's pink and white. Now, you would think since we have three I'd be able to find at least 2 so I could give them one this morning. But...NO...we have lost two of them...and i can't very well only give one to one dog. That is unfair!! I searched the house and I searched the backyard and none to be found. So I resigned to giving them tons of treats and heading to work so I wasn't late. I'm hoping I can find the two missing ones because I know they love them. Check them out! They are lost in their Kongs once they get them.

Well....I hope I can find the missing ones soon. I bought some wet food so I could fill them up with something other than Special K's peanut butter and it's sad I can't find them. Well...hope you enjoy the cute pictures...even though they are old.

And I figured I'd throw one more in. This is Abbs and me playing on the bed and Jackjack "montoring" the play! ;)

Happy Dogs on Friday! :) Sorry I missed it yesterday I was just a tad bit busy.


  1. My last three dogs (including Sissy) haven't given a hoot about Kongs. My last lab loved 'em, so I keep buying them for the dogs to try...

  2. Aww..they look so cute. I thought about getting those for my babies. Maggie is a big dog and I know she would love one. I'm thinking the little guy would too even though it's probably as big as he is. lol

  3. Dogs on anyday is fine with me.
    Congrats on the big win last night. HATE BOSTON Have a great time with your Dad. That's awesome.
    Have a good week at work!
    Go Phillies! Ha-ha :)

  4. They don't look like pups who would eat the tupperware to me (snicker). They do look very happy!


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