Friday, October 10, 2008

Such a sweet reunion!

Nichole from Lapdogcreations sent this link in an email and I just had to share. Made me cry. So, sweet. I couldn't image being away from Jackjack and Abigail Grace for that long.

TGIF!! Make sure to give your dogs all the love you can!!


  1. Awww I can't imagine either. I don't know who I felt sorrier for the dogs or the soldier.
    Great video.

  2. I was going to post it but saw you did already..... lol. Isn't it great??? So priceless!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Gnat! Reminds me of the day DSS came home after 2 years with the Marines in Japan. Jackson remembered and went NUTS! Sunny had never met him and thought he was an alien. Wish I had that on video.


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