Friday, October 24, 2008

Puppy Birthday! I have to admit I don't know the actual date of either one of my puppies birthdays. This is sad I know. Jackjack, I got from the SPCA and they didn't know his birthdate and even though they said he came in with AKC papers wouldn't tell me the exact date. They only said that he was 18 months old and his original name was Blackjack(which I didn't like and cut it to Jack, which then because Jackjack). Abigail Grace was rescued from a neglectful owner by a friend of my sisters. Her AKC papers were lost by her first owner and I never really found out her exact birthday either. I only knew she was 9 months when I got her. So, after realizing that they both need their day...thanks to Chan. :) I made up one.

So....officially from now on. Jackjack's birthday will be July 23, 2003. And Abigail Grace's birthday will be October 14, 2005. :) So, Happy Belated Birthday Abigail!!

The first year I had her I actually threw her a birthday party of her very own!! Jackjack was still recovering from his accident so it's was all her day. I threw it at a local dog park and a bunch of friends and their dogs came and we had doggie cake and everything! :) Here is a great picture of me and my girl from the party!! :) What a cutie she was and is!

Looking at her back then...I think she looks so calm! What happened...but she was just as crazy then and she is now but she just didn't have a lot of room in the house to be as crazy as she is now. :) She is so smart though! My girl! I miss her and Jackjack and can't wait to get back to them...and get back to our training.

Oh yeah...GO RAYS!!

Also if you are wondering what happeneing to the Knit in Barknknit. :) I will post up some WIP pictures soon. I have been knitting and spinning. I'm almost done with the BFL fiber I've been working on and I'm 3/4 through the sweater and about a 1/4 into the Clapotis!! I really thought I'd get more knitting done this week but I've been so tired!!

Ok...hope you are great!! Happy Abby Birthday month! ;) hehehe


  1. Happy belated birthday Abby! We once had a rescue fron Humane Society, and the only thing they told us was she was about 16 months old. So I decide her birthday would be the 1st of that birthday month, and we celebrated that.

    Hope I won't be the only one noticing -- you miss the pups, but what about your darling SK? ;-)

  2. Happy birthday, Abigail! I also don't know the real birthdays of my dogs. I adopted Jackson on September 13th (a Friday) so we celebrate a group "Got ya day" with a cake from Animal House lots of toys.

  3. Yay!!! Happy belated birthday, beauties!

  4. Happy Birthday Abby!! Eva's birthday is on 10-27-2005

  5. Oh happy belated birthday to Abigail. We don't know exactly when Lucky's birthday is either.
    She just knows she gets extra cookies on that day for some reason.
    Give pets to both for me!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Abby!
    We got Lucky from a Humane Society, they told us he was 1-3 (more like 5-7) and they gave his rescue date as his birthday. That's they day we celebrated!

  7. Yeah - yes, they need to have their special days! Zeus is the only one we know for sure is accurate. Lola & Tut were guessed upon from the estimated ages the rescue & vet gave us... Sophie came with one already estimated on her rescue paperwork.

  8. Happy Birthday Abby! What a pretty girl. Sorry I haven't visited...I think of you often.

  9. Yay! All dogs need a birthday celebration!
    Happy Belated Bithday Abby!
    The dog we had before Elise didn't have a birthday either and we made it the day she came home with us.


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