Friday, November 7, 2008

Dogs on Thursday! on friday! :)

Hope everyone is well! I've still been pretty busy with work and my dad in town. My dad has been borrowing my car the last couple days and he's been going by my house and hanging out with Jackjack and Abigail! I don't know who has enjoyed it dad or the dogs! :) I'm just glad that they are getting some bonding time. He's here until the 11th, so I'll probably keep loaning him my car, just so he can go over and hang out with them. It's been so great hanging out with him and I'm so glad that he's been here. I'm going to miss him when he leaves.

My dogs and I have also started upping our training...Yes, ours. Training dogs is a two way streak. I decided since we are thinking of adding to our pack I need to get these two guys walking good on a leash and getting more of their attention in the great outdoors. So, the last couple nights we've been heading out to the front of the house and working in the street. I take each one individually with loads of treats and we work on walking good on a leash and looking at me. They both are doing great!! My goal is to be able to walk them individually on loose leashes and then some day get them to do it together. Hopefully sooner than later but one small step at a time. I'm also looking to get them back into obedience because I think it will do them both good. Special K says Jackjack at 5 is too old but I think he's not and would love it. He loves to train. So, we'll see what happens. We'd need to have some extra money for it so like most things it's going to have to wait until after Dec. :)

Well...all this work has tired them out! Check out this pictures! I wish I had taken video of Jackjack trying to decide where to lay down. He doesn't like to lay too close to Abby. She will lay down close to him but he normally choses not to. He loves the couch though. So, Abby was laying there and he came over and looked at the couch and you could see him contemplating. Then he walked over to the dog bed and looked at it and stepped on it and then got off and walked back over to the couch and stood on it and turned around and then decided to try the dog bed again and then finally decided that the couch would be worth it. So, then curled up next to Abby. :) I had to take a picture. By the way, this all is happening now because we were given a coffee table and got rid of Jackjack's loveseat. Poor Guy.

My puppies are so adorable! :) Well..I hope you are having a wonderful friday and have a great weekend!


  1. Tired pups! I have to get Sissy in another class...

  2. ahhhh, Jackjack looks so comfy!
    I think Elise needs some more of that training too!


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