Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wedding Wednesday! I guess I owe you all an update. :) Loads of stuff has been getting done. We'll start with my day with my Dad on Friday. I picked him up pretty early and we stopped for some coffee and a snack and headed to see the reception site and meet with my photographer friend. We spent a while talking with the photographer and the club guy about the ceremony and reception. I saw where the girls and I can get ready prior to the ceremony and wrote down how many tables and chairs were available. I also found out when exactly we have access to the site. Was very informative and I'm glad my dad liked where we picked. The beach is beautiful.

Our next stop was to rent chairs and a runner for the ceremony. We picked white chairs and a red 50 ft runner. I need to call them and rent tablecloths as well. Then we stopped by Michael's and found some cute wooden baseballs and bats to add to the center peices and scoped out the vases for them as well. Then we headed to lunch. After a sandwich and some soup, we stopped to check out rings at the place Special K bought mine. They no longer sell the matching ring and the one that was close maybe more than we budgeted for so I'm probably going to just get a plain platinum band. Special K is making his own ring since he works at a machine shop.

We then headed to Walmart to pick up Halloween candy because we, of course, needed more for that nights fun!! Then we stopped at the pet food store and then another shop and home. I think we got a lot done and especially got to talk about details and get me thinking on more stuff I needed to do.

Saturday, I got my dress altered and I honestly forgot how beautiful my dress is. I had not seen it since January and I just love it!! I'm so glad I got it. The lady who is altering it is great too. She was super friendly and talented. She's been altering and making gowns for 37 years. I think my dress is in good hands. :) I'm going back for my 2nd fitting and for my sister's to learn how to bussel my dress on Dec 6th. She's then going to press it and I'll pick it up the week of the wedding. I can't wait to see it all done!

Since then, we've picked the cups we are getting printed for the wedding. I've called the caterer and florist to verify information. I'm getting a haircut this weekend and then my test hair is on the 22nd. That will be fun!! Next weekend is my bridal shower, which we are keeping really small and have only invited in town guests. My sister Fleas is the main planner. I'm thinking now I probably should invite Special K's mom and sister, even though I'm sure they couldn't make it but I'd like them to see the invite. Again the invite was made by my sister! She's awesome isn't she!! She's designing the cup graphic and the program too!! I owe her a ton!!!

We've also been talking about our bachelorette/bachelor parties and when would be the best time. I think we are going to both have them the Saturday before the wedding because that way we have time to recover as Special K says. :) I'm sure he will need more recovery time than I.

So...all in all we've been getting a lot done and I'm feeling better. Still getting stressed here and there but that's bound to happen. I think Special K would only wish that I didn't have to wake him up at 4am when I'm stressing out...which seems to be the time when I wake up in a panic about things. I am excited about marrying Special K...the stress is the wedding planning! :)

Knitting news, I'm almost done with my aunts clapotis! Hopefully I can finish tonight!

Have a great HUMP day!!


  1. I'm so excited and I can't wait. I'm savoring every day because it will be here soon enough and I want to remember everything.

    I wish I could get down there a little earlier than Wed because I would like to just hang out with Gnat and SpecialK with just us.

    I love you guys and we're gonna have a blast.

  2. Well now, Special K and you are so cute together. The wedding will be wonnerful. Wonnerful wonnerful wonnerful as Lucy used to say!

  3. It sounds like things are moving ahead nicely! (I was just there, so I totally know what you are going through - you know how to find me if you need any additional support!)


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