Friday, November 14, 2008

DOT on Friday!

We had a visitor last friday night. A cute puppy visitor!! Her name is Lucy and she's a yorkie. She is Special K's dad's doggie. My dogs did so well with her. She's met them plenty but it was nice to have her over as a test run for our future puppy! I can't wait until he finds us. :) So..I took some video of her while she was here.'s not the best video but it works. :)

She's so darn cute!! We found a Dorkie the other day...a dachshund/yorkie and he's adorable but SK doesn't want us to get a dog until after the wedding. It's our agreement. Here's a cute picture of where Lucy started out the night.

I have a feeling someone is going to spoil our puppy! :)

Well...I hope everyone is well. I've been super busy and yes, I missed the wedding wednesday post as well....I'll try to post another post today to make up for it! :)

Have a Happy Friday!!!


  1. Gretchen likes to sleep on a heartbeat, either my jugular or Sissy's chest. Funny dogs...

  2. Ahhh, what cute little dog!
    Jackjack and Abgail are such good dogs!
    A dorkie just sounds cute. Is it like a long hair curly dachshound?

  3. They play alot like my three play, the two big dogs like to chase eva around the house and play tag kind of lOL

  4. Too funny! Don't you love how the big pups will get down low so they can look the littler ones in the eye? Charlotte does the same with when she's playing with the cat.


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