Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!

Hey, check me out! I'm on time!!! :) YEAH!! So...for today's DOT post I just wanted to share some other posts and things going on.

First off, if you are not already reading this should! A Place to Bark is a dog rescue in Tennessee and she is wonderful!! Right now there is a live Auction going on to benefit the rescue so PLEASE go over and check it out and donate if you can. Proceeds go to a great cause!!! Bernie is really nice too and I would love to be able to do what she does! If you can't donate, please go over and say hi and check out her blog!!

Second, Nichole from lapdogcreations has a great review today!! I love it!! I think Jackjack and Abigail need one of those... heheheh ;)

Well...hope everyone is doing well. I have no new pictures but I do have a quick doggie story.

Remember the post I did about the Kongs missing? Well...we found one of them in the backyard...the smaller puppy style Kong I got Abby to get her started using them....and let me tell you it was DISGUSTING!!! There was MOLD and gross stuff. We tried to save it but no Special K threw it out. I looked again in the backyard and all over the house for the 2nd red one and no luck. So, I resigned to picking up a new one last night at Pestmart. I found a good Black one, which was cheaper than the XL red one, so I got Jackjack new one. We are thinking we need to have them not only because they LOVE them. But because we are going to be having guests and wedding craziness soon and I'm sure that they will come in handy in keeping them busy and content.

I think I need to find some new recipes to add to them....and keep them suprised! Peanut Butter is my go to stuffer but need to get some other stuff too.

The training has helped them both with not only wanting to do more and more but to remember what they know. :) I just need to keep it up. 15 minutes once or twice a day helps. We already have the meal time routine down. They sit stay and I have the kitchen to roam and prepare the meals and set them down and then they can go grab them. :) We do a lot of sits, waits, and stays throughout our day. I'm working on the Come when called and the heeling out back and in front. That's a quick training update!

Well..hope everyone is good...and Have a Barkin good day!


  1. I have heard that Kongs filled with peanut butter is the way to go. I find it odd that Zeus doesn't care much for them, but glad your doggies are getting new ones since they like them.

  2. Sissy runs hot and cold with Kongs. Sometimes they're fun, sometimes they're rejected. Go figure!

  3. Wilbur loves the kongs and all toys while Charlotte prefers food...go figure.

  4. I love the peanutbutter stuffed kong for Elise. We use it when we have company so she doen't try an sit on the company that doesn't want to be sat on and also when we are at work/school so it keeps her busy. Yep that kong is the greatest dog invention in my book!

  5. Sounds like you're crazy busy, but the babies are doing well. Kongs are great, but when they bounce down stairs it's hard as heck to keep track of them!

  6. Kongs can be so useful. My dogs never got into them. They said they don't work for food :-(

  7. I have finally caught up! Glad you and your Dad had a wonderful visit together. Spent quailty time together and got some things accomplished.
    Glad to read the puppies are well. And Special K too. Definitely have the parties a week before the wedding. Puppies are cute as always. Take care and talk to you soon!

  8. Supposedly you can put kongs in the dishwasher and I guess you can boil them as well, although I've never had occassion to try.

    put a tiny bit of pnut butter over the small hole and stand up the kong in a plastic cup. Fill with mashed banana and yogurt. Freeze.


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