Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wedding Wednesday! I missed last weeks Wedding Wednesday post..I also missed telling you guys on Nov 20th that I have one more month left. I can't believe I've been so busy. People kept telling me that I'd be this way but it's surprised me. So...I'll try to keep posting and keep you guys up to date on what's going on!

Well, wedding stuff....we've ordered the cups that we are giving out as favors from my cousin. My sister designed them and it's again awesome!! I can't wait to see them. I bought the centerpieces and candles. I've also got my bridesmaid gifts. I had to return one but let me tell you...the company was AMAZING!! Can't tell you what I got them yet. We've ordered the camera's to put on the tables, the cake knife set, and the sand ceremony vases and sand. I've finish my Aunt's Clapotis and blocked it. It came out awesome and I am sorry for no pictures!! I finally blocked my wedding shawl and if it was possible I love it even more now. :)

I've been thinking about what I want to knit that week and since I'll be busy but will want something on my needles that I can grab. I think I'm going to cast on some socks, probably in plain ribbing or a simple pattern using my Cubby Bear yarn. :) I must say thank you again (Not so) Cynical Gal for this awesome gift!

Cubby Bear Yarn

It's DK weight so they'll be fast and easy. Any suggestions on a pattern that would look good. I think this yarn will probably pool. I figured since it's a Cubs themed wedding I need to knit me some Cubby socks. :)

I'll try to snap some pictures of my wedding shawl and the finish clapotis. I've been doing a lot of cleaning lately and last night I baked some pumpkin cheese cakes for tomorrows meals.

For Thanksgiving, I am starting the day doing the turkey trot with my sisters and nieces. I hope Special K will bake the cherry pies while I'm gone. Then we have one meal with my sister's at 1pm....and then on to the next at SK's step-mom's sister's house at 3pm. Then we are heading back to my sister's to play games.

It's crazy to think a year ago tomorrow, we were in Ohio and Special K proposed. I have to admit I watched the video yesterday and today. I can't believe everyone knew but I had NO idea. I wish we were up there this year for thanksgiving but with the wedding we can't. We plan to be up there for next Christmas though.

Well...there's an update!! I'll hopefully get a post in this weekend and if I can record a podcast..but no promising! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!



  1. I am so excited for you. Can't wait to see wedding pics

  2. Yay for Cubby Bear Yarn. I did a hat in basket weave pattern with the DK and it looked cool. It's on my ravelry page. I thought it was like the bricks at Wrigley.

    Happy knitting!! Happy Cubs Wedding!!

  3. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Hope your turkey day was wonderful. The cubby yarn is yummy.

  5. Eekk! I'm so excited for you sweetie! Definitely gotta knit cubbie bear socks during the cubbie bear wedding week. All will go well. Just remember to enjoy your big day and have fun too!

  6. I am breaking out in a sweat just reading your post. I hope that you're getting enough rest. How do you do it? Are the dogs pitching in?


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