Friday, December 12, 2008

A Wedding Wednesday/Dogs on Thursday Post on Friday!

This week has been pretty busy. Wednesday night was the Jingle Bell Run and I met my sister Fleas and her family with Abby and we walked it. Abby had a lot of fun and got loads of attention. She's so cute, how could she not? Other than that, I haven't been feeling all that great and so I've been trying to rest and get tons of vitamins in me.

Well..I wanted to catch you up on some wedding stuff. So, first we'll start with some disappointing news. I guess my step-mother isn't coming to my wedding. I was upset at first but now I've resolved to just being disappointed and moving on. I can't let it effect our wedding. Special K mentioned that a lot of his family isn't coming and he's upset about that so I shouldn't let it effect me. He's right. Those who are coming are more important to focus on than those that aren't. It's going to be a great day!!

I still have a couple things I need to figure out this the guest book and then trellis for the ceremony. We are heading over to my sister Fleas tonight to paint the decorations for the centerpieces. Just little wooden pieces to paint. Should be fun!

Last but not least, and this is the DOT part too. We got an AWESOME custom cake topper that we ordered from Lynn's Little Creations on Etsy! We sent her some pictures of ourselves and the pups and the first time she had the dogs like this first picture. And yes this is REALLY really cute and I loved it but we thought about how Jackjack would feel being represented like this. We all know that he is a stoic and independent dog and would never let her do this. So, she changed it to this. :) Still cute and much more Jackjack and Abigail. :)
And here's the final design! We both LOVE IT!!! I got my yarn bouquet and Special K got his golf club.
We got it in the mail yesterday and the post office wasn't so great with it and I just need to glue back on the bouquet and the golf club. She packed it really well though and was very cute packaging!! She also does custom ornaments. Please go check her etsy site out!! I already know of someone who's ordered an ornament and it came out great!

Well..last pic but not least as this cute picture of Abigail. I think she is getting tired with all the excitement going on.
Only 8 more days until the wedding!! I can't believe it's come so quick!! I'm very excited and my dad is coming on monday and Sk's Mom on Wed.....YEAH! I can't wait!

Well...I hope everyone is doing well. Have a great weekend!!



  1. My family all told me my dearly beloved was "too old", so I eloped, invited no one, and dismissed all of them. It's nearly 30 years now that we've been married, and I still take the view that the 2 of us keep each other happy, and everyone else can get used to it! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day (I know you will), and a great honeymoon! I'd like to see a picture of your wedding dress after you get back! I hope your pup-sitter is good to your fur-baby, and you don't find her too spoiled when you return.

  2. Have a wonderful time please share pictures when you get back.Hugs Darcy

  3. I love that topper. Way too cute. I will definitely check out the ETSY shop.

  4. Cute cake topper! don't sweat the guest list and just enjoy your day! It will be fun to see your wedding pics! ~ Robyn

  5. Oh abby looks sooo comfy on the bed!
    I just love the wedding topper! That is really cute and what a great idea, so much more personable then the plain jane store ones. I can wait to see the pictures from the wedding!

  6. I'm so glad you share that topper early and often; you've seen the preview shots of my ornament, and I have you to thank for it!

    Don't forget to just step back, soak it all in and ENJOY YOUR DAY. I'm so happy for you and K and the dogs!!

  7. Love that cake topper!!! I'm sending you good wishes for a wonderful wedding!

  8. Oh this is too cute! I love it and think it speaks volumes about you and SK. And it's your wedding sweetie, so don't let anybody get you down. My MIL wasn't at my wedding either. It was about 3 hours from Philly and she gets car sick. That's all I'll say.
    As long as you and SK are happy with each other, that's all that counts :)

  9. I hope you have a wonderful wedding. I love the little cake topper you had made. It's just darling. Best wishes and blessings.


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