Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thankful Tuesdays!! My bridal shower pics!

Ok...so first off the last post was my 300 post on this blog!! Wow...300 posts in more than a year! That's not bad!

So...This weeks thankful post is one that I should have posted a couple weeks ago..but again life has been a bit hectic. I am thankful for my sisters, niece, and cousin who threw me an awesome bridal shower and for my friends who came to share it with me!! My sisters had never thrown and most had never been to one but they did a fantastic job throwing me one!! We had such a great time!! They had great food and drinks and fun games. Thank you for those who planned and spent the time making it a special day for me!

Here are some pictures.
The lovely desserts and little party favors!

The cute cake they got!
This is when I had several pieces of gum in my mouth for a game. Fleas had emailed Special K questions about himself and I had to answer them and for everyone I got wrong I had to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth. I ended up with 8 pieces!! Can we all say GROSS!!! I think I did pretty well though...some of the ones I got wrong he hadn't told me.
And last was present opening time.
I had a good time...and am very grateful to my sisters and those who made the day possible.

I know this is wedding related but this is a Thankful Tuesday post! ;)

Hope you can all think of things to be thankful this time of year. I know the economy is not great and the holiday season is coming fast. Please take a moment to look around and see the beauty that God created for us and for those he put in our lives to be a part of the wonder that is this world.

Thank you all for reading and keep posted because there is more to come! :)



  1. What a fun time! There's always plenty to be thankful for, and you're good about making sure we all remember that. ;)

  2. Hadn't heard about the bubble gum game before. I will have to remember that one. You and the cake both looked beautiful.


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