Monday, January 19, 2009

An interview.

Ok...let's start off by saying "Go Steelers!!" It was a interesting evening...stressful for a little bit but turned out good. Special K popped open the last of our wedding champagne bottles after the win. :)

Well...I have all this fun stuff to talk about from the weekend and pictures to go with it but the pictures are stuck on my sister's camera and I want them!! So, I'm going to head over there tomorrow after work and/or guitar and see if I can get them off so I can share all the fun stuff that happened this weekend! I even have links to videos and all kinds of fun stuff!! :)'s post is an interview. My interviewer is Chan. :) If you want to participate, do not answer the questions below but put in a comment and I will send you personalized questions. :) Fun right!! YEAH!! we go.

1. You've just started taking guitar lessons, something you've longed to do for a long time. Why the guitar? I've always wanted to learn an instrument. Since I was little I longed to play the piano actually but never got lessons. I taught myself to "fiddle" with my aunts and ours when I was really young but I never learned an instrument. As I got older I realized I'd never learn to play the piano because pianos are expensive and LARGE! I am fascinated by those who can play the guitar though and always have been. Over two years ago when my niece, Surfer Girl and nephew, Skater Boy began their lessons...I started fiddling with it. I even borrowed my sister's guitar for a bit. Then two Valentine's Days ago, our first, Special K bought me a guitar of my own because I showed interest. Well..if you've ever tried to teach yourself how to play the's not easy!! So I ended up putting it down and always saying one day I'll get lessons. Well...when we moved into my sisters' neighborhood and also their kids guitar instructor's...I decided now is as good a time as any. When we started the lessons, he asked why I wanted to learn and what my goal was and I told him that I've always wanted to learn a instrument and this is one I really like and my goal was to be able to play a song for SK and if we go camping with the youth at church or in general, I'd like to be able to play campfire songs. So...that's our plan.
2. Surprise! A magic fairy has made it possible for you and Special K to have a two-week honeymoon. Where would you go? (Money is no object...) Hmm..this is really hard! My two big dreams are I'd love to backpack around Europe or go spend the time visiting Italy! But when I was young I always thought I'd honeymoon at this cabin up in the mountains of Vulcan in Panama. When I was there with my friends, we went hiking and came to this cabin that was cylindrical and was two stories on the side of this mountian. It had a balcony around the whole upper half. The inside was so comforting as well. There was an old wood stove or whatever you call it heating the room...because yes, even in Panama, Vulcan got cold. The top story only covered half the cabin and had a cute little room upstairs that was open. I loved that little place and that is where I always imagined having my honeymoon. But all these are without my dogs and even if we had all the money in the world...I wouldn't want to leave my dogs for that long. But, I guess if money was no object we could bring them along. ;)
3. Where do you see yourself in five years? I could see myself with at least two kids and working from home. It would be nice if I was still working with the company I work for now because I enjoy working for them, yet being able to stay home with my kids until they go to school. I'd like to be dyeing fiber and yarn still and maybe actually making money from it. :)
4. What do Abby & Jackjack do during the day while you're at work? Well, mostly I'm sure they lounge around on the couches and sleep but I'm sure they get up and bark a bit if they see a dog or cat walk by or hear them. I do know as soon as we leave the house and they finish their kongs that Jackjack checks the counters and makes sure nothing was left out. He probably checks all the cabinets to see if we forgot to put the childproofing back on. After he gets his treat or realizes nothing is there, then I'm sure he settles into his napping. :) The whole process probably starts back up after SK comes home for lunch.
5. Back to that guitar. The same magic fairy is going to make your fingers play one song perfectly, right now. What would it be, and why? I'd like to be able to channel Jack Johnson and Dave Mathews! They are my idols when it comes to guitar playing!! :) The first song I'm learning is very popular and not from either of those artist. It's a special song I'm learning for SK! I can't share it now in case he reads this...but I will after I play it for him.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the great questions Chan asked me! I know I have!!

Happy Monday!!!



  1. Very cool! How awesome to be able to play for SK! What a great idea to do camp songs...they'd love it! Have a happy Tuesday!

  2. I play the guitar too... another thing we have in common. I like this interview concept, but I am not of a right mind to play right now. I might later on if I see it again

  3. *I* want to go to that cabin. It sounds like something out of a fairy tale. Heck, all of your answers are cool. I can assure you that strumming around a campfire with a youth group or whatever is (from my personal experience) what guitars were made for. Beautiful!

    Of course, you already know that we don't travel but to the beach house, because the dogs go too... I love that your cabinets are already toddler-ready, thanks to Jackjack. See?! He's not curious and/or naughty; he's making sure you've already thought of everything a wee human could get into!

  4. Special K should've saved that bottle for after the SUPERBOWL! :)

  5. Good interview! :-) The hubby wants to learn how to play the guitar, too.

  6. Very interesting and way cool.
    Good luck with your lessons.

  7. How fun! I would love to do an interview.


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