Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marriage Wednesday...JK. :) and Dogs on Thursday early.

Ok..seriously not going to start that!! is actually Special K and my 2nd Anniversary of starting to date. We had our first kiss 2 years ago tonight. :) It was a special moment and I can't believe so much has happened in 2 years and I'm so glad that he's now my husband. To celebrate this day for I think the last time as I was told...we went to a local restaurant called Moon Under Water here in St. Pete. It was very nice and the food was great. The best part was the chocolate volcano dessert!! Oh MY!!'s where the DOT post starts. :) So, before we headed out we had gotten in the mail our "china" or as I will call it the start of our collection of Fiestaware!! Oh yes...Fiestaware!! I'm very excited about this! SK's aunt sent us a gift card to Macy's and I ordered it on Sunday night. I was very glad it already came! We are starting off and will probably continue for a while with the Cobalt Blue and the Scarlett Red colors. We had enough to order 4 place settings so that was cool.

Here is a picture before they were put into the dishwasher. ask why is this a DOT post talking about Fiestaware. Well...let me tell you. Before we left we placed all four boxes on top of our new dining room table. The one you saw before. And when we of these boxes was no longer on the table. And you can probably guess that Mr. Jackjack himself probably got up there and pulled it down! He's such a bad dog when it comes to that. Oh well...nothing in the box was broken. is a picture of the culprit and his box. Abby had to be in it too because she doesn't like to be left out.

Well..I hope you are all doing well. I'm off to get ready for bed and read a couple pages or chapters of Twilight before falling asleep. (yes, I have fallen and I can't get up...I blame Surfer Girl and my BF from high school Panafisher.)

Happy DOT!! Oh and please check out the post this week and go say hi to all the other posters. It's our first week without Paula. She's still around though.



  1. Nice dishes...

    Oh by the way... you need to update your profile, Special K is no longer just a boyfriend is He???

    I remember the first day my husband and I met too, March 21, 1980... yeah along time ago.

  2. Nice Fiestware...JackJack's face is guilt there!:)

    Oh, I remember the first date kiss..July 1, 1987.......six years later we were married...and on April 9 it'll be fifteen years. Yes, he was/is my high school sweetheart! It just gets better and better!

    Oooooooh you're going to fall quick for the Twilight...soon you'll have all four books and of course you have to see the movie! The soundtrack is awesome tooo!

  3. My husband and I met March 20th 1970, our first date and first kiss were March 28th 1970

    Love your dishes they are adorable!

  4. I love your dishes. I have a few collections of dishes, some from my wedding, others are hand-me-downs, but I love setting my table and so I really liked reading about your new dishes. I'm glad none of them were broken. Regardless of the half torn box, that is a great pic of your dogs there!

  5. Nice dishes! I have a thing for dishes. I also have a dog who thinks any box is for her. Thankfully she doesn't chew them. g

  6. What a troublemaker! Too bad you can't stay mad at a face like that. LoL!

    I'm reading twilight too, but it's not going very fast, because the only time I have to read is a few minutes before bed if I'm not too tired.

  7. and congrats on taking over and your dogs are super.

  8. I love fiesta ware. I have red and yellow to go with the orange in my kitchen. And kids look cute as always!

  9. Pretty dishes. They both look guilty to me.


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