Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dogs on Thursday!

So, first off I wanted to share that Paula of DOT is stepping down because she has a lot going on this year. She has asked Nichole, Chan, and me to take over and Mary and Sue to help us. I will miss Paula's posts but she promises to continue to post on her blog and stay in touch with us. She has done so much in the last year or so with the DOT blog and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to keep it going. I feel we have big shoes to fill. :)

Well...for this weeks DOT's going to be about Abby...since Jackjack already had a post this week. Well...we'll start with cute pictures. :) To remind me that I love her! :)

In our house the couches are as much the dogs as ours. I had decided that long ago and Special K has followed suit. Since we recently moved(I promise to get more pics soon), and we were moving into a bigger house, we decided to get new couches but we really didn't want to go straight for the brand new leather. His dad works for Habitat for Humanity and they sometimes get some great stuff in their re-sell shop. He mentioned they had nice couches and off we went. We found a great sofa and love seat for pretty cheap in good condition so we bought it! is Abbs enjoying herself on the new sofa!

Abby's new spot

Abby is silly

She is just too cute! She loves those pillows. Jackjack just noses them onto the ground and gets comfy. He has claimed the love seat if he's not on the dog bed behind it. :)

Since it's an all about Abby post, here are some pictures of her and her Christmas present in our old house...which I don't miss for a second!! The house not the toy. She still has the toy. :)
Abby and Christmas Present

Silly as can be!

What are you doing mom?

So...that is my girl....and last a little story about her. So, Tuesday, the same day that Jackjack has his excitement...I guess Abby wanted hers. We took a walk with my sister, her son, husband and dogs after work and I handed the leash to Fleas for less than a minute and Abby almost dragged her into the lake we walk around and so Fleas let go of the leash. Abby spent 20 minutes swimming after the dogs in the lake that supposedly there may be Alligators. Once she got tired she came close to me and at this point I had a tennis ball which lured her to me. I was not happy that she swam in the lake but boy did she have fun. I praised her when she finally came to me, even though I wanted to scream!! :) I'm glad she had a good swim because she slept well that night. I don't plan to let her swim in that lake any time soon.

Well...there you go...a post all about Abigail Grace, my golden girl!

Last thing I wanted to share was another wedding related pic. Here's me getting my hair done the morning of the wedding!!
Have a great Thursday!!!



  1. Oh my Lord that's a big dog toy! lol I got a couple of those for Marley, but they were the regular size. Cool!

  2. She's so cute in the first picture! I've heard that the Habitat for Humanity re-sell shops have some really great things in them sometimes. Leather must be a great options with the dogs.

  3. You are so much more glam than I am! While I got my hair done for my wedding I had dark circles under my eyes and wouldn't speak until my coffee had kicked in. Nevermind letting someone take pictures.

  4. I think you have the same couch we do!

  5. She looks so comfy on the couch with her pillows.

    My dogs are jealous of that toy. What fun that would be.

  6. What a massive toy! I should take a photo of Gretchen playing with the "large" one Jessi sent her... I think the scale would be about the same.

  7. WOW, WHAT A HUGE TOY! Great pics of Abby, she is very comfy on the new sofa :) ame as our house, what s our is the furballs too!
    Enjoy your Day!!

  8. Oh My Abby... you and Lola would get along amazingly well, ignorning your Mommies while you have your fun......

  9. Finally a toy the size of the big dog!! What a cute post and there is still plenty of room for Mom & Dad to sit on the couch too. :)

  10. Abby is a cutie love the pictures:)Hugs Darcy

  11. Does she pick it up and carry it around? I love it when the toy is out of proportion to the dog.

    We well our dogs that they aren't allowed on the furniture, but they don't listen. Abby looks very comfy using the pillows. g

  12. Dogs are so cute when they sleep! And play too of course. Love the beauty shop photo too :)

  13. Love that first pic. Just makes you want to kiss them on the snoot.


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