Saturday, January 31, 2009

NFL Experience

Last Sunday, we got tickets to go to the NFL experience here in Tampa and my nephew Skater Boy and his buddy came with us. The four of us headed out to to tampa. The first thing we did when we got there was stand in line for the games. It was pretty crowded so all the lines were long.
The first game we played was the Touch Pass, where you had to pass the ball into these nets at intervals of 5, 15, or 25 yards away. You get three chances. Skater Boy and Special K had a bet going on that I could beat Skater Boy at all the games. :) This first one we both missed all three. Special K got 2 out of 3 in.
Skater Boy post pass.
We then walked around for a bit and saw all the history of the NFL and checked out the other games. We then picked the Let it fly game, which you had to just throw the ball and see how far you got it. And the waiting in line began....

We got to watch a bunch of people go...and you'd be amazing how many people can throw over 50 ft. :)

Again, Skater boy and I had a bet. He went first this time since I went first the last game. He threw it over 25 ft. I threw about 18 ft or so. Not enough but I had fun. :)
I actually took video of Special K's throws. He did so great! :)

Well, after the games we headed over and went to check out the memorialbillia. Special K got a bumper sticker and Skater Boy got an old steelers superbowl patch. We then walked around and I saw some old friends from Panama and said hi.
And then we headed home!
It was a fun way to spend a sunday. I'm glad we went.

Well, we are getting ready to head to this weeks fun. The Ultimate Superbowl Pawty with the pups. We are actually bringing Jackjack to a doggie event and I'm a bit nervous but Special K will be there to control him. I have to have faith that he'll at least try to behave. We've both already talked about if he can't settle down we'll leave but we're all going because we don't want to leave him home by himself. Wish us luck. As I've mentioned before, he's not aggressive just has poor greeting manners. So, I'm not worried about anyone safety but just my embarrassment. :)

Have a great day! Happy Superbowl weekend!!



  1. What a great fun day. You two look so good together.

    JackJack will be great.

  2. Big fun! Glad you married a man with good taste in football teams. ;)


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