Monday, February 2, 2009

Go Steelers!!

So, last nights game was awesome! It got nerve wracking there for a bit but in the end it was great game!! I ended up having a runny nose ALL day...I mean all day! It only stopped around 7:30 mid game. I woke up my nose ran and it just wouldn't I had to miss my co-worker's superbowl party. I ended up going with Special K over to his dad's and spending the night there. I was planning on leaving for a quarter or two and spend time at the co-worker's but that just wasn't happening with my nose running. Ok...well..enough about my nose.

So, let's talk about SewCrazyDogLady!! is an awesome site! I've seen her collars for some time now and have been wanting to order the day I saw them! Well...I saw she did another team custom collars for someone so I emailed her and asked if she could do some Steeler ones for my two. :) She said of course and the process began. It kind of took me a while to figure out what kind I wanted because Special K doesn't like martigale collars and I do. We ended up deciding on a modified martigale collar for the two of them. She ordered the fabric and got it last week and we were both hoping that they would get here this past saturday but no luck. Anyway, we got them today and let me tell you they are AWESOME!!!

I went home for lunch today and I quickly took pictures as soon as I put them on. We had originally planned for the white to be Jackjack's and the black to be Abby's but Special K thought this looked better. Aren't they cute!!
My boy Jackjack is rockin it!! :) He's so adorable!!
And here's a close up of Abbs. I had to get a picture of her's before she rolls in the mud! I plan to take it off before letting them in the backyard because she's a mud diver!
Hope you liked the pictures of the collars! I'm sure you'll see them more and hopefully I'll get better pictures of them! They are so awesome! She did a great job and the quality of them are very nice! I'm very happy with them and anyone looking for cool collars for your dogs PLEASE go check out SewCrazyDogLady's site!!

Ok...have a good day! I'll post more later! I'm hoping to get video of something awesome!!

Oh just because it's important! Jackjack did so great at the doggie event on Saturday! I'll talk more about it in the post about the event but just had to tell you he did so GOOD!! :) He's such a surprisingly good boy!



  1. You have the greatest dog--and I see the Steeler's won. I left you an award on my blog.

  2. Cute collars! They must have helped pull the Steelers through...

  3. yeah! I'm so glad they fit and they look great! Yeah, I definately am glad we didn't do a flat buckle now.. the buckle would have taken up way too much space on their necks...


  4. I had that same runny nose, and sneezing too... went through 2 boxes of kleenex and it's still running today {{sigh}}

  5. The collars look great on the pups!!!

  6. What awesome collars! Gotta go check out the site!

  7. Very cool collars! I love them!


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