Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dogs on Thrusday!! All Abigail!! this week since Abby got neglected in the previous post and Jackjack sneaked his way into the background on a pic in last's Abby pictures galore!

For starters, just an update on our Obedience class. She is still doing really great. Her recall exercise was spot on and we learned to do a finish where she walks around us from sitting in front of us and sits next to us. We are learning so she'll need loads of practice. And we also have to work on her sit stay. She laid down during the sit stay this week. It was just like she got tired and laid down. Well...she really isn't supposed to just decide to lay down when I asked her to stay in a sit. So, we need to work on that this week.

We also signed up for an Intro to Agility class that overlaps this class but is on Thursday nights so we'll be going to the training club two nights a week. I think it will be fun! Just going to take up more of my nights and I'll miss knitting group for a couple weeks until it moves back to Wed nights. now pictures!! These are all of Abby while she's over at my sister Fleas. My dogs make themselves right at home there. We actually are taking care of her two dogs this weekend and I'm sure they will do the same here. :)
This is Abby making herself right at home on my cousin's son's lap. I love her ear. See where Roxy finds her spot? Must be nice to be a small dog.
She makes herself comfy with their toys. She hordes their tosy and makes sure that no one else can have them.
And then back on the couch...and see Roxy again! :)

Well..hope you enjoyed Abigail Grace! She sure is a cutie!

And you know I can't help it...Here's one with Jackjack making sure he is comfy at their house too. :)And to show that I am the leader and I make myself at home just like they do. :)
Have a Happy DOT and don't forget to go read all the other great posters and their adorable dogs!!


  1. She's such a beautiful girl... and obviously smart too!

  2. Such a sweet girl. Goldens are so, so, so much fun to teach.
    She sounds like her idea of 'sit-stay' is similar to Sunny's....The stay is what stands out in their mind. The position seems irrelevant.
    Sometimes they do it because of boredom. Here's a couple of tips I learned when we were training for competition. Try gradually building up her time. Catch her just before she lays down, return to her and praise her.
    Also maintain eye contact. A change in your facial expression can remind her if she starts to question the need to maintain the position. LOL! I find that Sunny will change her facial expression before she breaks her sit. Smiling is not considered a second command in the ring. :~}
    Keep up the good work

  3. Abby's such a beautiful girl, and so smart too! Boy, Jack Jack's fur just shines, they're so nice looking and so well loved!

  4. She is so beautiful!!
    Want to wish you all a Happy Dot & Valentines Day!!

  5. It sounds like she's doing well in class. That long sit-stay can be tough. Samba wants to lie down, too.

    Are you going to do obedience with Jack Jack, too?

  6. I knew Jack Jack was gonna sneal in for a picture, lol

  7. Love that everyone makes themselves at home! :) Cute pics.

    Have you ever done flyball with any of your doggies?

  8. i love your photos, such warm happiness.

  9. Cute pictures! I'm sure they are like Zoe. She really doesn't care where she is as long as her mamma is there too.

    Happy DoT!

  10. She is a pretty girl! I'm glad to see she makes herself at home too and love the toy thing too. They are so funny aren't they??

  11. Nice pictures! Good luck on your classes Abby. You are a sweet girl. Happy DOT

  12. They know how to make themselves comfy! Great pictures.

  13. Is that a typical golden or what?! Remy also is a lap dog...we just had a conversation last night about how she was allowed to get on the couch with me but she wasn't to sit in my lap [while I was eating].

  14. I love that third she's taking it away to go chomp on it for a while.


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