Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! My Spinning Wheel is home!!

Happy V day! I hope everyone is having a great day! Today was very exciting for me. Special K and I woke up and I cleaned up the house a bit and then we headed on our way. First stop was Uncommon Threads in Palm Harbor, where we payed off and picked up my Spinning Wheel!!!

It's a Majacraft Pioneer and I think she's gorgeous! Yes, she's a she. Not sure why but I keep calling my wheel a her. Now I need to come up with a name. :) Have any ideas?

The first thing I did was inspect her. She has been set up at the yarn shop since I tested her out back in Nov. so I was sure she's been tested quite a bit. She seems to be perfect. She is missing a little silicon pad at the bottom of one corner but I'm sure I can find a replacement. I registered her online at the Majacraft site.

The next thing I did was get to know her. I practiced taking the bobbin off and on. Then I practiced treadling.
Like my socks!! These are my favorite Bellatrix socks and I like the shot of my wheel. I also like how the bobbin on this wheel are big and plastic!

Well, I'm sure you will hear plenty more about my wheel as the days come! I'm very excited to have her home! I'm now off to actually spin fiber. I have practicing having the leader take up and played with the tension.

We also stopped at Sam Ash a music store and bought me a guitar stand. Then we stopped at a golf shop and got Special K some golf stuff. We also tried to find him some new work boots to no avail so we ordered them online when we got home. Last stop was grocery shopping! I was supposed to make dinner tonight but Special K wants to cook instead. I came up with baking some chicken and potatoes and he is now taking over. :) Not a surprise as he loves to cook!

Hope everyone has a great day! We have two puppy visitors of Lucky and Roxy for the weekend and my two are enjoying their company!

Happy Valentine's Day



  1. Her name MUST be Charlotte, because she will spinning you lots of webs of fine yarns!! Congratulations

  2. I don't know why, but Betsy popped into my head. lol I like the looks of that one!

  3. I think she would be a good Sally.

  4. Congrats on the new wheel! She is a beauty, whatever her name is!

  5. I thought you should call her VAL, since she was a VALentine gift.

  6. She's beautiful...I've always named mine by the first letter of the brand/model...and with your latin heritage I'd say Maria (Majacraft) or one beginning with a 'P'?!

  7. Well, while checking out your blog I answered my own question! Love your wheel!!! :)


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