Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

I can't believe it's Thursday already. This week has been a long one but has flown by. Work has been a bit stressful so I've been tired and getting in bed early all week but not able to sleep through the night. I've also been spending as much time on my spinning wheel as I can stay awake for. :)

Well...I just have one thing for you today. Videos!!!

Jackjack usually will let Abby have stuffed animals until one day he decides to do the following. I like to stay by him and make sure he doesn't eat any of it especially the leather on this armadillo.

And just one more. I took many videos of him doing this but will spare you.

And last..this is what Abby was doing while Jackjack was destroying army. :)

Hope you enjoyed a peak into my puppies lives today.

Things are going well with me. Last night's Obedience class was pretty good. We kept working on the formal finish. It's when Abby is sitting in front of me after a recall and I tell her to go around and she goes around and sits down in the heel position. She's getting better at this but I think I need more motivating treats for this one. We also did good on our sit stay!

We only had about 4 people in class this week, so we got to do more training and more talking too. The Intro to Agility class has been changed to Mondays and it's starting later in March so we have a couple more weeks before that begins which won't hurt. I want to find some instructions on how to build the jumps out of PVC so I can get her started on those sooner and be able to practice more.

This weekend should be fun. I planned a trip to an Alpaca farm that's inland. It's in Zephryhills which is about an hour away. My sister Fleas, her family and I are heading over there on Saturday afternoon. We'll take pictures to share! I love alpacas! I am hoping to come back with roving or a fleece. to work. Hope everyone has a great Dogs on Thursday! Give your pups some lovin from us and make sure to check out all the other DOT posts.


  1. Oh yes, the "leave the slobbery ball on the table" trick... :-)

  2. mom/dad will time how long it takes for their lhaso apso's to dissect a toy! My shepherd/mix will do that but not my chihuahua. Its so funny how they're all different! Have a great day!

  3. lol great video, Thanks for sharing! Happy DoT

  4. Mugsy taught Sissy to destroy toys, and either he's channelling Gretchen or she's following Sissy's lead - or both. They especially love pulling the stuffing out of toys!

  5. You'll have to tell me all about the alpaca farm. The last one was fabulous.
    Try valarian root for the sleepless nights. It's all natural and is suppose to work. I buy it at the health food store but waking up to spin sound good too.

  6. I also have a video today. I've never done that before. Seems it takes a while to download but I love it.
    Nice little mess they left you lol
    Happy DOT
    Love Claudie

  7. It's even better when you come home to that mess! My guys will do the same thing - apparently it works as a form of doggy dental floss! g

  8. That looks very familiar LOL :-)

  9. Once they get it opened it takes no time to destuff a toy!! Funny video. Congrats on the obedience classes going so well.

  10. My dogs do the same thing! One destuffs a toy and the other one plays with a tennis ball. Thanks for sharing your videos. Your dogs are adorable.

  11. Just saw your wheel, EXCITING!!!!! I just got a spindle, not ready for that much of an investment yet. Have fun with it.

  12. funny! thankfully you are given the 'guts' at my house they eat them and then they are found all around the back yard. :)


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