Friday, March 6, 2009

Doggie Pics, Spinning, new podcast feed and more!

I've been a bit busy with messing with my podcast, which I'll talk about in a second. First off, I wanted to share pictures of my lazy dogs! Check them out! I was playing on the computer and SK was watching tv. They decided that it was bedtime. heheeh
Then SK joined Jackjack and it was just too adorable! :)
So, we are doing well. My allergies are getting slightly better but I've been avoiding the outside as much as possible. Abby's Obedience class was great and we start Agility I hope Monday! I'm excited! Our last Obedience class is next week so we'll see how our graduation goes!! I'm hoping to get Sk or someone to come record us. She's such a smarty pants!

Well, craftwise I'm almost done with the first Entrelac sock. Literally, all I have to do is do the sew off bind off and then I can cast on the 2nd one, which I plan to do tonight. I've also started spinning up some of my hand dyed domestic wool. This was the roving braided up.Then here it is in my nice yard sale find! I split it up about 8 times. I still have the other half to split up.
I'm spinning this in a Worsted style and as thin as I can get it. So far so good. It's taken me a long time but that's ok. Tomorrow is my first Spinning meet-up with my spinning guild so I'm excited to bring this and get to know people better. We have our next meeting next week. feed. So, is having loads of trouble and so I decided to jump ship and get a libsyn feed. The Knitmore Girls Podcast were very gracious and they are sponsoring my first months hosting fees! Did I mention their podcast is awesome too! GO check them out. Well..with their help I started up with Libsyn and my feed is now moving. If you search for me in Itunes, I show up twice right now. I'm hoping to fix that. The new one is the Barknknit Podcast. To check out the new show notes page and to subscribe to the new feed go to Barknknit Podcast. There are some exciting new developments coming soon with my podcast so I'll let you know when they go live! :)

Well..hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm hoping to get lots of knitting, spinning, dog training, and rest! Also hope to record a podcast this weekend!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Sissy says bellyrubs are the best too... Great roving!


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