Saturday, March 21, 2009

Drive by Blogging...

So, here's a quick blog to let you know how my day is going!

I woke up and spend most the day cleaning the house and washing the dogs while SK worked on getting the pollen and leaves out of our yard! When I was done and he wasn't I spent the afternoon at my spinning wheel. I am having a really hard time keeping interested in the Sock Madness sock so for now it's marinating still. I tried working on it last night but ended up doing a couple rounds on my Entrelac sock instead. Today, I just figured why not just finish up the 3rd single so I can start plying. And I had to take a picture of Abby sleeping after her bath and while I was spinning.

We tried to go to the beach this afternoon but it was really cloudy when we decided to go and started sprinkling on the way back. I walked the dogs and now I'm going to set up my wheel in the bedroom and we are going to finish watching the Di Vinci Code which SK fell asleep while we were watching it last night. :)

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a Happy Saturday and a Blessed Sunday!


  1. Ahhh Abby has such a sweet, puppy dog face! Wow your spinning looks really great! Great color! Mine is looking much better...its all the same consistency now! Wish we lived closer so we could spin together! Have a great evening and many blessings tomorrow! hugs

  2. Sweet photo. :)
    And I love the yarn you are spinning!

  3. I think that's a nearly perfect post. Pretty handspun on the bobbin, and lovely Abby in the background. What more could a reader want?!


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