Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dogs on Thursday!

Just a quick post with doggie pictures! Here are my two lazy dogs after a rainy day. :)

They are in desperate need of baths but they are happy to be dirty! :) Hope everyone has a great DOT and don't forget to go check out all the other DOT posts!


  1. Who wants to go out if its raining! Dew and Sampson don't blame them a bit!

  2. Penny says it's a well known fact that dachshunds melt in the rain! :)

  3. Natalie, I just found out that you are trying to get a table at SAFF to podcast and stuff. I am on the SAFF board and am a listener!!! I have made a strong case for you and will let you know what the final "verdict" is. You would be out in the sale barn around the Sheep to Shawl competition which just happens to be right where the Fleece Show and Sale is--that's what I'm in charge of. I'm uber-excited and hope the rest of the board says yes.


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