Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Update! and some Fiber in the Mail! an FO and a WIP!

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity! Friday night, my friend Carrie had her 30th birthday party at a local Bingo joint! Yes, Bingo! We all realized pretty fast that your money goes fast! I only managed to spend about $3 but others spent more. One friend of hers managed to win about $100...but he was the only one winning. :)

Here's me and Carrie with our Bingo cards! ahaha
Then here's Darci and Crystal with theirs. :)
Saturday, I had to wake up at about 4:30 to take Kenny to the airport. A very special woman, Grandma Pat passed away last week and he flew up for the funeral. It was a quick trip as he was back here by 5:30 on Sunday. It was good that he went though, because his sister ended up in the hospital on Friday through today with some stomach issues. She is finally home and hopefully better.

The rest of Saturday, I spent with my sisters and then that night my cousin Nathan and I went to the Rays game and Big n Rich played afterwords! It was tons of fun!! We met up with Carrie, a friend Kim and their boyfriends to watch the concert. They played until after midnight! I was exhausted the next day!

Sunday, the dogs and I headed over to Manda's Fiber Fun House and the pups swam even while it was raining! You'll have to wait until tomorrow for those pictures! We had a great day hanging out. Abby and her dog Nala had a bit of a riff, but they were both find after. It freaked me and Manda out more than the dogs.

This weekend was also a great mail weekend! I got some fiber that I had swapped for. In the Spin or Dye Swapping Group on Ravelry, I swapped some of my raw fiber for some others. :)

I claimed the following Romeldale from Sockpr0n. It's a beautiful oatmeal color!

Along with her package, she sent me some beautiful stitch markers! I love purple!I also did a side trade with another Ravelry from Ohio! Hoping to meet her when I'm up there sometime! She sent me some BEAUTIFUL Corriedale for some of my cormo. Can I tell you I just drooled over this stuff! It's a beautiful gray color and it's got very little VM in it! I want to get my hands on some combs for this! I think it would comb up so nicely!!
She also sent me some goodies along with my swap package! She was great to swap with! Here's a close up of the fiber! YUMMY!!
I finished my step-sister Luz's Morning Surf Scarf this weekend. It is not as long as I had hoped but I'm going to see if I can massively block it out to get a few extra inches. We'll see how that goes. The yarn is my handspun Ramboillet, which I LOVED working with and the pattern is Morning Surf Scarf by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. I also loved this pattern. It's quick and easy and pretty!! Well...my model here is pretty lovely too so I how can it not be just perfect. :)
I also cast on for a gift for a friend. It kind of looks like a scarf but it's actually a lovely lace table runner! I made it longer than the pattern suggested and it's coming out beautifully. The pattern is Jenny’s Tansu Table Runner by Mel Clark Craft Knitting and the yarn is Arucania Ranco in color 105.
Hope you are having a great week!! I have lots going on but will catch you guys up one step at a time! :)

Happy Spinning, Knitting, and Dog walking!!


  1. Wow, you had a busy weekend :-) The fiber is really pretty!!! I have never knit with handspun but I do admire it, I think it is extra special with you work with something that someone handspun. The table runner is going to be beautiful and the scarf is great! I think you need to make Abby her own scarf now LOL :-)

  2. What a fun weekend!!
    I love your scarf and model!!!

  3. Abby is such a great model- she's even got the pose down. And she looks really good in pink! Pretty scarf!!


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