Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!

Because she's so darn cute and I can't resist her face...this is what I see more often than not as I lay in bed. If it's not's the other pup. :)Jackjack has become so silly! He has become this dog who asks for loving. He never was like that when I first got him...but when you come close to him now or get up he either starts wagging his tail which neither of us can resist and we pet him or he turns over on his back for you to rub his belly. I can't help but want to love on him then. :)
Ok...yes. I know I've neglected this blog a lot! I still have information to add to the last post and I rarely post anymore. So...I've been thinking how to get this straight again....that's when I saw a post from a friend about blog365. You post every day for a year. I'm thinking of starting it either Dec 1st or January 1st. It's still an idea. ;) I'm not sure I want to do photo365 along with it yet...that's my last deciding factor before we officially start blog365. Anyone else interested in starting too...I could use the support! :) usual don't forget to check out this week's DOT post! HAPPY Dogs on Thursday!!


  1. They definitely know how to relax and unwind, don't they?? Very cute pix!

  2. Oh what cute little critters.

    Happy Thursday to them and you as well.


  3. What a sweet pair of cuddlers! Happy DoT

  4. Seems that is all the pups want these days as well as to be comfy and petted, and that is all right with me!

    I like the idea of the 365...I just worry I would run out of stuff as my life is not "that" exciting!

  5. What a sweet face!

    There's no way I could do 365. I do good to blog once a week here lately. lol

  6. What sweet faces to wake up to! Don't you just love how they get comfortable in the most unlikely positions too :)

  7. Aaww what cuties! We ought to learn to unwind like them :-)

    365 sounds great. If only I can think of what to post LOL.

  8. First: The doggies are so cute! My dog will be 13 and she is cuddlier than ever. Just like your two babies.

    And I haven't posted on my knitting blog in forever, so don't feel bad ;)

  9. They look absolutely comfortable!


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