Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Foggy...then Rainy Dogs on Thursday!

Happy DOT!! Don't forget to go over and check out this week's DOT post! It is a very informative post!

Today has been a very strange weather day for Florida. I don't think I can recall it ever being this foggy here. This was what my view was this morning.
...and then this is my view from my office window this afternoon.
I love when it rains but the fog is strange!

So, I was trying to figure out what to post for my DOT post and I remember that last time I took Jackjack and Abby to Manda's to swim I took VIDEO!! It was POURING down rain but neither of them cared! Usually Jackjack won't go out in the rain but check him out!!

Please ignore us talking. haha :)

and of course another.

Hope you enjoyed the video! It's crazy to think of how Jackjack used to be when he got into pools and now he just jumps right in after Abby!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!



  1. That fog was crazy. I went to walk the dog and it closed in on us in the street! We had to turn back


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