Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Today is's usually the day I go to work then head to knitting but today was different. Well, I did go to work today, which was long, semi-stressful and I was glad when it was done...but afterward I headed to get my now monthly allergy shots and then it was Jingle Bell Run night! It was lots of fun and I took my camera but never got a picture with it. My sister did so I'll post that with tomorrow's post. Abby got to come with us and she had a blast! So many people wanted to pet her because she's so adorable and when they realize she LOVES being pet they are happy they came over or asked to pet her. I had a lady early on in the walk that asked if her two girls in the stroller could pet her and of course I said sure. One of the girls just couldn't get enough of how soft she was. I was really glad she was pretty clean. :)

I just love when Abbygirl is clean because you really can see her golden hairs sparkle and it's so much nicer to walk away with a semi-clean hand. I can't wait until we actually have a backyard with grass and not the sandpit that we have now. It makes our house even harder to keep clean with two big dogs who run out in the sand and bring it all into the house.

Well, it was a fun night spent with my sisters, niece, nephews, bro-in-law, and others. I'm glad I went.

Oh yeah! We finished off the night going to my favorite ice cream shop Old fashion Creamery is I think what they call it now but I always call it Alli Oops. :) The owners know my dogs and have a basset and a chocolate lab. When we bring the pups, they always come out and say hi. The lady owner was there tonight and she came out to say hi to Abby and told us her Chocolate had two puppies this past Monday!! Two boys who are already spoken for but I'm sure they are SO cute!!

Hope you had a great Hump Day! Good luck for the next two days!

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  1. I know about the sand! We just re-did the backyard and it was all dirt and Ella loves to lay in the dirt! Then she would bring it in the house! Now it's pavers with sand everywhere! Take care!


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