Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So, tonight I pulled out my spinning wheel, dusted it off, and started spinning. :) Not really...it wasn't that dusty but I did pull off some yarn from a couple bobbins, which need their twist to be set. I started working on some yarn for my Aunt Rita. She'll be here on Friday for the holidays and she is a knitter. I want to get some yarn done for her and a pattern for her to knit with it. I figured that would be a great gift for her. She learned to knit from my Grandma I think so i think that is so awesome! I'll definitely be getting her to record an interview for my podcast!!

Well...no pictures but I'll take some of the yarn when it's done! Have a Happy Tuesday!!

Tomorrow might either be a really early or really late post. My sisters, Abby, and I are doing the Jingle Bell run downtown St. Pete! Should be a fun time!!

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  1. Well my spinning wheel DOES have dust on it! Quite a bit of it I might add.


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